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I Never Want To Be Anywhere Else Than In The Rehearsal Room. I Mean, It's So Lame To Say, But It Makes Me Supremely Happy To Work With People And To Talk And Invent And Laugh. - Yael Stone

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Family Hang-Outs Can Go Very Late Into The Night And Involve Lots Of Music. - Yael Stone

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My Working History As An Actor Is Definitely In The Theatre; It Certainly Was In Australia. - Yael Stone

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In Australia, Kids Play In American Accents. - Yael Stone

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One Thing That Is Not To Be Underestimated Is American Culture’s Influence On The Rest Of The World.

– Yael Stone

Prison Makes An Interesting Context For So Many Different Characters To Come Together. You Get To See What Lines Get Drawn Between People.

– Yael Stone

Australia Has A Very Big History Of Incarceration. What Does That Mean To Us? What Does It Mean That We Came Over To A Country That’s Not Necessarily Ours And Filled It With White Prisoners?

– Yael Stone

It’s Really Interesting Working In Television As Opposed To The Theater, Where You Know The Arc Of The Character And You Are Able To Create This Whole Backstory.

– Yael Stone