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A Child’s Learning Is A Function More Of The Characteristics Of His Classmates Than Those Of The Teacher.
-James S. Coleman

Quotes Describe Effects On Characteristics Of Child By James S. Coleman
Quotes Describe Effects On Characteristics Of Child By James S. Coleman

We Spend The First Twelve Months Of Our Children’s Lives Teaching Them To Walk And Talk And The Next Twelve Telling Them To Sit Down And Shut Up.
-Phyllis Diller

Teaching Quotes About Child Growth By Phyllis Diller
Teaching Quotes About Child Growth By Phyllis Diller

Everybody Who Is Incapable Of Learning Has Taken To Teaching.
-Oscar Wilde

Quotes On Learning And Teaching By Oscar Wilde
Quotes On Learning And Teaching By Oscar Wilde

If You Have To Put Someone On A Pedestal, Put Teachers. They Are Society’s Heroes.
-Guy Kawasaki

Quotes Describe Teacher As Society's Pedestal By Guy Kawasaki
Quotes Describe Teacher As Society’s Pedestal By Guy Kawasaki

Teach Love, Generosity, Good Manners And Some Of That Will Drift From The Classroom To The Home And Who Knows, The Children Will Be Educating The Parents.
-Roger Moore

Quotes On Effects Of Teaching Good Manners To Children By Roger Moore
Quotes On Effects Of Teaching Good Manners To Children By Roger Moore

Experience Is A Good Teacher, But She Sends In Terrific Bills.
-Minna Antrim

Teacher Quotes On Experience By Minna Antrim
Teacher Quotes On Experience By Minna Antrim

We Discovered That Education Is Not Something Which The Teacher Does, But That It Is A Natural Process Which Develops Spontaneously In The Human Being.
-Maria Montessori

Teacher Quotes On Power Of Development In Education By Maria Montessori
Teacher Quotes On Power Of Development In Education By Maria Montessori

The World Of Knowledge Takes A Crazy Turn When Teachers Themselves Are Taught To Learn.
-Bertolt Brecht

Quotes On Development In Teachers By Bertolt Brecht
Quotes On Development In Teachers By Bertolt Brecht

I Was Lucky That I Met The Right Mentors And Teachers At The Right Moment.
-James Levine

Quotes On Experience With Good Teachers By James Levine
Quotes On Experience With Good Teachers By James Levine

Only One Person In A Million Becomes Enlightened Without A Teacher’s Help.

Teacher Quotes On Possibility Of Self Development By Bodhidharma
Teacher Quotes On Possibility Of Self Development By Bodhidharma

When I Am Able To Resist The Temptation To Judge Others, I Can See Them As Teachers Of Forgiveness In My Life, Reminding Me That I Can Only Have Peace Of Mind When I Forgive Rather Than Judge.

-Gerald Jampolsky


A Teacher Who Is Not Dogmatic Is Simply A Teacher Who Is Not Teaching.

Gilbert K. Chesterton


Those Who Have No Record Of What Their Forebears Have Accomplished Lose The Inspiration Which Comes From The Teaching Of Biography And History.

Carter G. Woodson


You Never Stop Learning. If You Have A Teacher, You Never Stop Being A Student.

Elisabeth Rohm


I Cannot Emphasize Enough The Importance Of A Good Teacher.

Temple Grandin


The Doctrine Of The Kingdom Of Heaven, Which Was The Main Teaching Of Jesus, Is Certainly One Of The Most Revolutionary Doctrines That Ever Stirred And Changed Human Thought.

  1. G. Wells


I Have Come To Believe That A Great Teacher Is A Great Artist And That There Are As Few As There Are Any Other Great Artists. Teaching Might Even Be The Greatest Of The Arts Since The Medium Is The Human Mind And Spirit.

John Steinbeck


Excellence Is A Better Teacher Than Mediocrity. The Lessons Of The Ordinary Are Everywhere. Truly Profound And Original Insights Are To Be Found Only In Studying The Exemplary.

Warren Bennis


Everybody’s A Teacher If You Listen.

Doris Roberts


One Good Teacher In A Lifetime May Sometimes Change A Delinquent Into A Solid Citizen.

Philip Wylie


For The Longest Time, You Just Sound Like A Broken Record, But You Have To Be Consistent When Teaching Kids.

Heidi Klum


Those Who Know How To Think Need No Teachers.

Mahatma Gandhi


I Had A Terrible Education. I Attended A School For Emotionally Disturbed Teachers.

Woody Allen


TV Is Bigger Than Any Story It Reports. It’s The Greatest Teaching Tool Since The Printing Press.

Fred W. Friendly


In A Completely Rational Society, The Best Of Us Would Be Teachers And The Rest Of Us Would Have To Settle For Something Else.

Lee Iacocca


If I Can Make A Teacher’s Salary Doing Comedy, I Think That’s Better Than Being A Teacher.

Dave Chappelle



I Touch The Future. I Teach.

Christa Mcauliffe


Teaching Is The Only Major Occupation Of Man For Which We Have Not Yet Developed Tools That Make An Average Person Capable Of Competence And Performance. In Teaching We Rely On The ‘Naturals’, The Ones Who Somehow Know How To Teach.

Peter Drucker


I Tried To Stir The Imagination And Enthusiasms Of Students To Take Risks, To Do What They Were Most Afraid Of Doing, To Widen Their Horizons Of Action.

James Broughton


I Think Teaching Should Be An Exalted Profession, Not A Picked-On Profession.

Chuck Schumer


We Expert Teachers Know That Motivation And Emotional Impact Are What Matter.

Donald Norman


Some Of My High School Teachers Did Remind Me That I Had An Excellent Imagination When It Came To Making Up Excuses.

David E. Kelley


What A Blind Person Needs Is Not A Teacher But Another Self.

Helen Keller


There Is No Teacher, Living Or Past, Who Can Give Us The Actual Understanding Of Truth. A Teacher Can Only Put Our Feet Upon The Path And Point The Way. That Is All. It Is Wholly Dependent On The Individual To Make His Way To Truth.

Paul Twitchell


After All Manner Of Professors Have Done Their Best For Us, The Place We Are To Get Knowledge Is In Books. The True University Of These Days Is A Collection Of Books.

Albert Camus


The Impending Teacher Shortage Is The Most Critical Education Issue We Will Face In The Next Decade.

David Price


A Retired Teacher Paid $62,000 Towards Her Pension And Nothing, Yes Nothing, For Full Family Medical, Dental And Vision Coverage Over Her Entire Career. What Will We Pay Her? $1.4 Million In Pension Benefits And Another $215,000 In Health Care Benefit Premiums Over Her Lifetime.

Chris Christie


We May Have Forgotten How To Feel. Nobody Is Teaching Us How To Live Happily Ever After, As We’ve Heard In Fairy Tales.

Yakov Smirnoff


Catholic Schools In Our Nation’s Education Have Been Paramount In Teaching The Values That We As Parents Seek To Instill In Our Children.

Joe Baca


The Smarter The Journalists Are, The Better Off Society Is. For To A Degree, People Read The Press To Inform Themselves – And The Better The Teacher, The Better The Student Body.

Warren Buffett


A Self-Taught Man Usually Has A Poor Teacher And A Worse Student.

Henny Youngman


Let’s Reintroduce Corporal Punishment In The Schools – And Use It On The Teachers.

  1. J. O’Rourke


The Most Important Part Of Teaching Is To Teach What It Is To Know.

Simone Weil


A Hallmark Of The Latino Community Is To Help One Another, If Students Are Interested In A Way To Give Back And Help Their Communities, Becoming A Teacher Is Probably One Of The Very Best Ways Of Doing That.

Ellen Ochoa


Prosperity Is A Great Teacher; Adversity A Greater.

William Hazlitt


Every Man Who Rises Above The Common Level Has Received Two Educations: The First From His Teachers; The Second, More Personal And Important, From Himself.

Edward Gibbon


You Know How To Tell If The Teacher Is Hung Over? Movie Day.

Jay Mohr


We Should Not Run Away From Religious Teachings. We Should Run To Them.

James Carville


As They Work Hard For Our Children, America’s Teachers Often Reach Into Their Own Pockets To Make Sure They Have The Best Classroom Supplies. I Feel Strongly That The Federal Government Should Help Make Up For Their Personal Financial Burden.

John Warner


My Attitude Toward Graduate Students Was Different, I Must Say. I Used Graduate Students As Colleagues: I Gave Them The Best Problems To Work On, And I Encouraged Them.

Frank Press


I Never Had To Learn English, French And German Because I Was Brought Up As All Three Languages. I Had A Private French Teacher Before I Even Went To School. That Helped A Lot.

Karl Lagerfeld


I Had A Ninth Grade Teacher Who Told Me I Was Much Smarter And Much Better Than I Was Allowing Myself To Be.

Scott Hamilton



Experience Is A Great Teacher.

John Legend


I Always Wrote Music For My Friends, But My Focus Was On Playing Piano. I Didn’t Think I’d Be Quite Good Enough To Be A Soloist, But I Believed That If I Worked Hard Enough, I Could Work As A Player, A Teacher.

John Williams


Every Single Major Push In Education Has Made It Worse And Right Now It’s Really Bad Because Everything We’ve Done Is De-Humanizing Education. It’s Destroying The Possibility Of The Teacher And The Student Having A Warm, Friendly, Intellectual Relationship.

William Glasser


The First Responsibility Of The Muslim Is As Teacher. That Is His Job, To Teach. His First School, His First Classroom Is Within The Household. His First Student Is Himself. He Masters Himself And Then He Begins To Convey The Knowledge That He Has Acquired To The Family. The People Who Are Closest To Him.

  1. Rap Brown


I Remember In Grammar School The Teacher Asked If Anyone Had Any Hobbies. I Was The Only One With Any Hobbies And I Had Every Hobby There Was… Name Anything, No Matter How Esoteric. I Could Have Given Everyone A Hobby And Still Had 40 Or 50 To Take Home.

Cormac Mccarthy


Every Marriage Tends To Consist Of An Aristocrat And A Peasant. Of A Teacher And A Learner.

John Updike


Music When Healthy, Is The Teacher Of Perfect Order, And When Depraved, The Teacher Of Perfect Disorder.

John Ruskin


For Whatever Reason, I Didn’t Succumb To The Stereotype That Science Wasn’t For Girls. I Got Encouragement From My Parents. I Never Ran Into A Teacher Or A Counselor Who Told Me That Science Was For Boys. A Lot Of My Friends Did.

Sally Ride


I Was Very Studious, Too Much. I Would Never Go Out At Weekends. I Was Very Serious. You Should Have Seen Me In Class – I Was Blushing And Sweating Every Time The Teacher Asked Me Something.

Eva Green


The Holy Spirit Is Our Comforter, Our Teacher. That’s Why, In Prayer, We Can Ask The Lord To Open Up Scripture And Make It Come Alive To Us, To Open Our Understanding. He Left His Spirit With Us Until We Join Him In Heaven.

Michele Bachmann


I Love Films That Make Me React Emotionally And Physically When You Walk Out Of The Cinema. Two Of My Favorite Films However Have Got To Be ‘The Tree Of Life’ And ‘The Piano Teacher,’ Which Also Stars One Of My Favourite Actresses Isabelle Huppert.

Alicia Vikander


The Duties Of A Teacher Are Neither Few Nor Small, But They Elevate The Mind And Give Energy To The Character.

Dorothea Dix


It Is Worth While Too To Warn The Teacher That Undue Severity In Correcting Faults Is Liable At Times To Discourage A Boy’s Mind From Effort.



On The First Day Of School, You Got To Be Real Careful Where You Sit. You Walk Into The Classroom And Just Plunk Your Stuff Down On Any Old Desk, And The Next Thing You Know The Teacher Is Saying, ‘I Hope You All Like Where You’re Sitting, Because These Are Your Permanent Seats.’

Jeff Kinney


I Suppose A Good Director Is Like A Teacher. I Think That Someone Like David Cronenberg Was Very Much Like A Teacher, Because There’s An Openness, But A Certain Set Of Rules Of Behavior, And A Certain Conduct Expected. But There’s An Atmosphere That’s Relaxed And Conducive To Exploration, And That Is Created By Someone Like Cronenberg.

Viggo Mortensen


I Think It Goes Back To My High School Days. In Computer Class, The First Assignment Was To Write A Program To Print The First 100 Fibonacci Numbers. Instead, I Wrote A Program That Would Steal Passwords Of Students. My Teacher Gave Me An A.

Kevin Mitnick


I Do Believe That When Your Child Does Poorly On A Test, Your First Step Should Not Necessarily Be To Attack The Teacher Or The School’s Curriculum. It Should Be To Look At The Idea That, Maybe, The Child Didn’t Work Hard Enough.

Amy Chua


My Parents Being Bengali, We Always Had Music In Our House. My Nani Was A Trained Classical Singer, Who Taught My Mum, Who, In Turn, Was My First Teacher. Later I Would Travel Almost 70 Kms To The Nearest Town, Kota, To Learn Music From My Guru Mahesh Sharmaji, Who Was Also The Principal Of The Music College There.

Shreya Ghoshal


But I Think That Any Young Drummer Starting Out Today Should Get Himself A Great Teacher And Learn All There Is To Know About The Instrument That He Wants To Play.

Buddy Rich


There Is No Recipe To Be A Great Teacher, That’s What Is Unique About Them.

Robert Sternberg


My Duty As A Teacher Is To Train, Educate Future Programmers.

Niklaus Wirth


Research Shows That There Is Only Half As Much Variation In Student Achievement Between Schools As There Is Among Classrooms In The Same School. If You Want Your Child To Get The Best Education Possible, It Is Actually More Important To Get Him Assigned To A Great Teacher Than To A Great School.

Bill Gates


Pride Adversely Affects All Our Relationships – Our Relationship With God And His Servants, Between Husband And Wife, Parent And Child, Employer And Employee, Teacher And Student, And All Mankind.

Ezra Taft Benson


I’ve Always Remembered Something Sanford Meisner, My Acting Teacher, Told Us. When You Create A Character, It’s Like Making A Chair, Except Instead Of Making Someting Out Of Wood, You Make It Out Of Yourself. That’s The Actor’s Craft – Using Yourself To Create A Character.

Robert Duvall


What Is The Benefit Of Fasting In Our Body While Filling Our Souls With Innumerable Evils? He Who Does Not Play At Dice, But Spends His Leisure Otherwise, What Nonsense Does He Not Utter? What Absurdities Does He Not Listen To? Leisure Without The Fear Of God Is, For Those Who Do Not Know How To Use Time, The Teacher Of Wickedness.

Saint Basil


I Can Remember Exactly Where I Sat When My Teacher First Read Roald Dahl’s ‘James And The Giant Peach’.

Dave Eggers


You Know, If You’re A Human And Living On The Planet, It Doesn’t Matter What You Do; You Are Not Immune To The Challenges, The Trials, The Difficulty. And That Fact That I Happen To Be A Coach And A Minister And A Spiritual Teacher Doesn’t Mean Anything. I’m Still Human.

Iyanla Vanzant


As A Teacher You Are More Or Less Obliged To Pay The Same Amount Of Attention To Everything. That Can Wear You Down.

Marilyn Hacker


From A Very Early Age, My Wife And I Told Our Son That There Are Times And Places For Everything. I Told Him, Look, When You’re In Class, You Have To Be Quiet And Listen To Your Teacher, But When You Go Out To The Playground, You Can Scream And Be Silly.

Mark Hoppus


I’ve Gone To Prom Multiple Times, Had Fights With The Principal, A Relationship With My Teacher. When People Ask If I Wish I Had Gone To High School, I Tell Them That I’ve Acted All Of That Stuff Out, And It Just Doesn’t Seem Like Fun.

Britt Robertson


It Was My Family That Wanted Me To Be A Teacher. That Was Safe, You See. To Be A Painter Was Terrible.

Josef Albers


The Processes Of Teaching The Child That Everything Cannot Be As He Wills It Are Apt To Be Painful Both To Him And To His Teacher.

Anne Sullivan


I’m Trained As A Teacher; That’s The Only Thing I’ve Got A Certificate For.

Quentin Blake


I Call Myself A Teacher Because They Want Me To Call Myself A Teacher, But Actually, What I’m Doing Is I’m Studying.

Chick Corea


We Need To Do Teacher Training To Educate Them About What Temperament Means. Shyness Is Painful And You Want To Help A Child With Shyness – But The Underlying Temperament Of Being A Careful, Sensitive Person Is To Be Honoured, Valued And Respected.

Susan Cain


The Primary Task Of A Useful Teacher Is To Teach His Students To Recognize ‘Inconvenient’ Facts – I Mean Facts That Are Inconvenient For Their Party Opinions.

Max Weber


The Office Of The Public Teacher Is An Unenviable And Thankless One.

Felix Adler


My Mother Wanted To Be A Teacher When She Was Young, And My Father Didn’t Approve Of It, So She Fought Very Hard To Become One. And She Did It. So When I Said I Wanted To Become An Actress, My Mother Was Very Supportive. She Always Said To Me, ‘There’s No Such Thing As ‘Can’t.’

Archie Panjabi


I Remember The Mentoring Experiences Of Some Teachers That I Had, Like A Second Term Home Room Teacher In Public School That Really Was Very Helpful To Me.

Sanford I. Weill


The Main Thing I Am Interested In Is My Experience As A Teacher.

Frank Mccourt


My Brother Is A Policeman; My Sister’s An English Teacher. When I Hear What They Make Versus What I Make, It’s Ridiculous.

Robert Sean Leonard


A Friend Of Mine Said, No Matter What I Do I Always Look Like An English Teacher. She Actually Said, You Still Look Like A Campbell’s Soup Kid.

Kate Clinton


There Is No Education System In The World – None At All – That’s Better Than Its Average Teacher.

David Puttnam


I Lived In A Town Of 400 Until I Was Like Nine Or Ten. My Dad Coached All The Sports – He Was A Gym Teacher And Health Teacher For Grades K-12.

January Jones


Usually, Girls Weren’t Encouraged To Go To College And Major In Math And Science. My High School Calculus Teacher, Ms. Paz Jensen, Made Math Appealing And Motivated Me To Continue Studying It In College.

Ellen Ochoa


I Was Writing Full Time After Quitting A Job As A High School English Teacher, And I Hadn’t Been Able To Sell Anything, And My Bank Account Was Down To Zero, And All Of My Friends Were Like ‘What Are You Doing In The Basement, When Are You Going To Get A Real Job?’, And My Parents Thought I’d Completely Lost It.

Matthew Quick


My Mother Was A Teacher. She Was Grooming My Brother And Me To Be Successful, Accomplished People.

Laverne Cox


To Be A Teacher You Have To Have A Very Giving, Selfless Personality. I Don’t Think I’m That Selfless And Giving.

Chris Parnell


I Learned By Watching My Favorite Shows. I Would Just Rewind And Say The Words Back, Until They Sounded Right To Me. I Never Studied The American Accent, In Terms Of Getting A Teacher Or Taking Phonetics Classes. I’ve Always Been A Good Mimic. It Really Wasn’t That Hard For Me.

Adelaide Kane


I Went To A College In New York Called New Paltz. I Studied Theater There For Four Years. I Also Studied Privately In NYC With A Teacher Named Robert X. Modica.

Aida Turturro


The Teacher Who Would Be True To His Mission And Accomplish The Most Good, Must Give Prominence To Moral As Well As Intellectual Instruction.

Sheldon Jackson