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As An Actor, The First Thing You're Taught Is, 'Don't Look Into The Camera; Ignore It.' - Yael Grobglas

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I'm Usually Cast For The More Goofy And Tomboyish Characters. - Yael Grobglas

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Back Home, Almost Everything I Did, I Did In Hebrew. I Went To Drama School In Hebrew, My Whole Career Was In Hebrew, And To Switch Languages Was Something That Was Fascinating And More Complicated Than I Expected It To Be, Even Though I've Been Speaking English Since I Could Speak. - Yael Grobglas

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Honestly, I'd Love To Say I Live This Amazing Hollywood Lifestyle, But Actually, I'm At Home With My Same Friends And Cooking. I Crochet, I Do Watercolor. I Think What Surprised Me The Most Is That That Isn't The Lifestyle Everyone Necessarily Lives. - Yael Grobglas

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I Feel Like If I Consider Myself Comfortable In Something, Then That's Not Exactly Where I Want To Be. And In 'Jane The Virgin' Specifically, I Feel Like I Don't Have To Choose... We Get To Do Drama And Comedy Sometimes Within The Same Thirty Seconds. - Yael Grobglas

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Israel Has A Fantastic Film Industry, And Many Times We Are Known For Our Political Films Or Films That Have To Do With The Army. I Love The Fact That We Can Show That There Are Films Coming Out Of Israel That Are Just For Fun.

– Yael Grobglas