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Let Us Make Our Future Now, And Let Us Make Our Dreams Tomorrow’s Reality.
-Malala Yousafzai

Quotes Describe On Dreams Of Future By Malala Yousafzal
Quotes Describe On Dreams Of Future By Malala Yousafzal

Enthusiasm Moves The World.
-Arthur Balfour

Inspiring Quotes On Power Of Enthusiasm By Arthur Balfour
Inspiring Quotes On Power Of Enthusiasm By Arthur Balfour

It Is Always The Simple That Produces The Marvelous.
-Amelia Barr

Quotes Explains On Cuteness Of Simplicity By Amelia Barr
Quotes Explains On Cuteness Of Simplicity By Amelia Barr

Do Your Little Bit Of Good Where You Are; Its Those Little Bits Of Good Put Together That Overwhelm The World.
-Desmond Tutu

Quotes On Power Of Doing Little Bit Of Good By Desmond Tutu
Quotes On Power Of Doing Little Bit Of Good By Desmond Tutu

As Knowledge Increases, Wonder Deepens.
-Charles Morgan

Inspirational Quotes On Increasing Knowledge By Charles Morgan
Inspirational Quotes On Increasing Knowledge By Charles Morgan

Countless As The Sands Of The Sea Are Human Passions.
-Nikolai Gogol

Quotes Describe Countless Human Passions By Nikolai Gogol
Quotes Describe Countless Human Passions By Nikolai Gogol

Today Is The Only Day. Yesterday Is Gone.
-John Wooden

Quotes On Importance Of Time By John Wooden
Quotes On Importance Of Time By John Wooden

Try To Be Like The Turtle – At Ease In Your Own Shell.
-Bill Copeland

Quotes Explain The Importance Of Own Shelter By Bill Copeland
Quotes Explain The Importance Of Own Shelter By Bill Copeland

The Only Journey Is The One Within.
-Rainer Maria Rilke

Inspiring Quotes On Journeys In Life By Rainer Maria Rilke
Inspiring Quotes On Journeys In Life By Rainer Maria Rilke

Without Craftsmanship, Inspiration Is A Mere Reed Shaken In The Wind.
-Johannes Brahms

Inspirational Quotes On Importance Of Craftsmanship By Johannes Brahms
Inspirational Quotes On Importance Of Craftsmanship By Johannes Brahms

Noble Deeds That Are Concealed Are Most Esteemed.

Blaise Pascal



From A Small Seed A Mighty Trunk May Grow.



You Change Your Life By Changing Your Heart.

Max Lucado



God Always Gives His Best To Those Who Leave The Choice With Him.

Jim Elliot


Each Day Provides Its Own Gifts.

Marcus Aurelius


It Is Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been.

George Eliot



If We Did All The Things We Are Capable Of, We Would Literally Astound Ourselves.

Thomas A. Edison


People Tell You The World Looks A Certain Way. Parents Tell You How To Think. Schools Tell You How To Think. TV. Religion. And Then At A Certain Point, If You’re Lucky, You Realize You Can Make Up Your Own Mind. Nobody Sets The Rules But You. You Can Design Your Own Life.

Carrie-Anne Moss


Love Is A Fruit In Season At All Times, And Within Reach Of Every Hand.

Mother Teresa



The World Is Full Of Magical Things Patiently Waiting For Our Wits To Grow Sharper.

Bertrand Russell


Once I Knew Only Darkness And Stillness… My Life Was Without Past Or Future… But A Little Word From The Fingers Of Another Fell Into My Hand That Clutched At Emptiness, And My Heart Leaped To The Rapture Of Living.

Helen Keller


It Seems To Me We Can Never Give Up Longing And Wishing While We Are Thoroughly Alive. There Are Certain Things We Feel To Be Beautiful And Good, And We Must Hunger After Them.

George Eliot


I Said To The Almond Tree, ‘Friend, Speak To Me Of God,’ And The Almond Tree Blossomed.

Nikos Kazantzakis


We Relish News Of Our Heroes, Forgetting That We Are Extraordinary To Somebody Too.

Helen Hayes


Of All Human Activities, Man’s Listening To God Is The Supreme Act Of His Reasoning And Will.

Pope Paul VI


The Truth Is On The March And Nothing Will Stop It.

Emile Zola


I Celebrate Myself, And Sing Myself.

Walt Whitman


Create Each Day Anew.

Morihei Ueshiba


Show Me Your Hands. Do They Have Scars From Giving? Show Me Your Feet. Are They Wounded In Service? Show Me Your Heart. Have You Left A Place For Divine Love?

Fulton J. Sheen


Nothing Makes One Feel So Strong As A Call For Help.

Pope Paul VI


The Only Thing That Ultimately Matters Is To Eat An Ice-Cream Cone, Play A Slide Trombone, Plant A Small Tree, Good God, Now You’re Free.

Ray Manzarek


The Only Way To Discover The Limits Of The Possible Is To Go Beyond Them Into The Impossible.

Arthur C. Clarke


And Now, This Is The Sweetest And Most Glorious Day That Ever My Eyes Did See.

Donald Cargill


In A Gentle Way, You Can Shake The World.

Mahatma Gandhi


Tears Are Often The Telescope By Which Men See Far Into Heaven.

Henry Ward Beecher


Silence Is The Last Thing The World Will Ever Hear From Me.

Marlee Matlin


You Are Always Free To Change Your Mind And Choose A Different Future, Or A Different Past.

Richard Bach


I Pray God May Preserve Your Health And Life Many Years.

Junipero Serra


Give Light And People Will Find The Way.

Ella Baker


Health Is The Greatest Possession. Contentment Is The Greatest Treasure. Confidence Is The Greatest Friend. Non-Being Is The Greatest Joy.

Lao Tzu


Every Heart That Has Beat Strongly And Cheerfully Has Left A Hopeful Impulse Behind It In The World, And Bettered The Tradition Of Mankind.

Robert Louis Stevenson


What Makes The Desert Beautiful Is That Somewhere It Hides A Well.

Antoine De Saint-Exupery


Every Charitable Act Is A Stepping Stone Toward Heaven.

Henry Ward Beecher


The Fact That I Can Plant A Seed And It Becomes A Flower, Share A Bit Of Knowledge And It Becomes Another’s, Smile At Someone And Receive A Smile In Return, Are To Me Continual Spiritual Exercises.

Leo Buscaglia



It Is Not Ignorance But Knowledge Which Is The Mother Of Wonder.

Joseph Wood Krutch


It’s A Moment That I’m After, A Fleeting Moment, But Not A Frozen Moment.

Andrew Wyeth


Keep Your Feet On The Ground, But Let Your Heart Soar As High As It Will. Refuse To Be Average Or To Surrender To The Chill Of Your Spiritual Environment.

Arthur Helps


The Essential Elements Of Giving Are Power And Love – Activity And Affection – And The Consciousness Of The Race Testifies That In The High And Appropriate Exercise Of These Is A Blessedness Greater Than Any Other.

Mark Hopkins


Yesterday We Obeyed Kings And Bent Our Necks Before Emperors. But Today We Kneel Only To Truth, Follow Only Beauty, And Obey Only Love.

Khalil Gibran


Miracles Are A Retelling In Small Letters Of The Very Same Story Which Is Written Across The Whole World In Letters Too Large For Some Of Us To See.

  1. S. Lewis



If The World Seems Cold To You, Kindle Fires To Warm It.

Lucy Larcom


If You Could Only Love Enough, You Could Be The Most Powerful Person In The World.

Emmet Fox


A #2 Pencil And A Dream Can Take You Anywhere.

Joyce Meyer


A Man Has To Learn That He Cannot Command Things, But That He Can Command Himself; That He Cannot Coerce The Wills Of Others, But That He Can Mold And Master His Own Will: And Things Serve Him Who Serves Truth; People Seek Guidance Of Him Who Is Master Of Himself.

James Allen


Nothing Is Worth More Than This Day.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Cherish Your Visions And Your Dreams As They Are The Children Of Your Soul, The Blueprints Of Your Ultimate Achievements.

Napoleon Hill


I Know Why I Am Here And My Only Real Focused Goal Is To Live Each Day To The Fullest And To Try And Honor God And Be An Encouragement To Others. What The Future Holds Is Firmly In God’s Hands, And I Am Very Happy About That!

Ken Hensley


A Place For Everything, Everything In Its Place.

Benjamin Franklin


Whatever You Vividly Imagine, Ardently Desire, Sincerely Believe, And Enthusiastically Act Upon… Must Inevitably Come To Pass!

Paul J. Meyer


There Is Nothing Stronger In The World Than Gentleness.

Han Suyin


Thinking: The Talking Of The Soul With Itself.




The Most Beautiful Thing In The World Is, Of Course, The World Itself.

Wallace Stevens


And Above All Things, Never Think That You’re Not Good Enough Yourself. A Man Should Never Think That. My Belief Is That In Life People Will Take You At Your Own Reckoning.

Isaac Asimov


Be Not Entangled In This World Of Days And Nights; Thou Hast Another Time And Space As Well.

Muhammad Iqbal


Reach For The Stars.

Christa Mcauliffe


There Are Glimpses Of Heaven To Us In Every Act, Or Thought, Or Word, That Raises Us Above Ourselves.

Robert Quillen


The Ideal Life Is In Our Blood And Never Will Be Still.

Phillips Brooks


Plant Thy Foot Firmly In The Prints Which His Foot Has Made Before Thee.

Joseph Barber Lightfoot


Think With Your Whole Body.

Taisen Deshimaru


Not On One Strand Are All Life’s Jewels Strung.

William Morris


The Undertaking Of A New Action Brings New Strength.

Richard L. Evans


Somewhere, Something Incredible Is Waiting To Be Known.

Sharon Begley


A Concerted Effort To Preserve Our Heritage Is A Vital Link To Our Cultural, Educational, Aesthetic, Inspirational, And Economic Legacies – All Of The Things That Quite Literally Make Us Who We Are.

Steve Berry


I Have Amazing Friends Who Have Led Inspirational Lives.

Andrew Shue


If Someone Says ‘Grunge’ Or ‘Punk,’ You Know What The Sound Is, But If You Say ‘No Wave,’ It’s Kind Of Mysterious. That Was The Most Interesting Part And Should Have Been The Most Inspirational Thing About It… Here’s This Collective Sonic Insanity, And None Of It Sounds Anything Alike.

Lydia Lunch


We Sing Inspirational Songs, Songs Of Praise And Worship, And About How Good And How Big God Is. We Are Magnifying The Lord.

Fred Hammond


Find Out Who You Are And Be That Person. That’s What Your Soul Was Put On This Earth To Be. Find That Truth, Live That Truth And Everything Else Will Come.

Ellen Degeneres


If There Were No Night, We Would Not Appreciate The Day, Nor Could We See The Stars And The Vastness Of The Heavens. We Must Partake Of The Bitter With The Sweet. There Is A Divine Purpose In The Adversities We Encounter Every Day. They Prepare, They Purge, They Purify, And Thus They Bless.

James E. Faust


Everything You Want Is Out There Waiting For You To Ask. Everything You Want Also Wants You. But You Have To Take Action To Get It.

Jules Renard


Ideas Shape The Course Of History.

John Maynard Keynes



I Have Looked Into Your Eyes With My Eyes. I Have Put My Heart Near Your Heart.

Pope John XXIII


My Mind’s My Kingdom.

Francis Quarles


If You Accept The Expectations Of Others, Especially Negative Ones, Then You Never Will Change The Outcome.

Michael Jordan



From What We Get, We Can Make A Living; What We Give, However, Makes A Life.

Arthur Ashe


Everyone Has Inside Of Him A Piece Of Good News. The Good News Is That You Don’t Know How Great You Can Be! How Much You Can Love! What You Can Accomplish! And What Your Potential Is!

Anne Frank



Ah, But A Man’s Reach Should Exceed His Grasp, Or What’s A Heaven For?

Robert Browning



I Love Those Who Yearn For The Impossible.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Let Us Dream Of Tomorrow Where We Can Truly Love From The Soul, And Know Love As The Ultimate Truth At The Heart Of All Creation.

Michael Jackson


Be Brave Enough To Live Life Creatively. The Creative Place Where No One Else Has Ever Been.

Alan Alda


I Am So Fresh In Soul And Spirit That Life Gushes And Bubbles Around Me In A Thousand Springs.

Robert Schumann


Just Don’t Give Up Trying To Do What You Really Want To Do. Where There Is Love And Inspiration, I Don’t Think You Can Go Wrong.

Ella Fitzgerald


God Sleeps In The Minerals, Awakens In Plants, Walks In Animals, And Thinks In Man.

Arthur Young


You Don’t Look Out There For God, Something In The Sky, You Look In You.

Alan Watts


The Handicap Of Deafness Is Not In The Ear; It Is In The Mind.

Marlee Matlin


Be Faithful To That Which Exists Within Yourself.

Andre Gide


The Wright Brothers Flew Right Through The Smoke Screen Of Impossibility.

Charles Kettering


I Arise Full Of Eagerness And Energy, Knowing Well What Achievement Lies Ahead Of Me.

Zane Grey


On The Recollection Of So Many And Great Favours And Blessings, I Now, With A High Sense Of Gratitude, Presume To Offer Up My Sincere Thanks To The Almighty, The Creator And Preserver.

William Bartram


I Believe There’s An Inner Power That Makes Winners Or Losers. And The Winners Are The Ones Who Really Listen To The Truth Of Their Hearts.

Sylvester Stallone


Let Every Dawn Be To You As The Beginning Of Life, And Every Setting Sun Be To You As Its Close.

John Ruskin


I Have Always Believed, And I Still Believe, That Whatever Good Or Bad Fortune May Come Our Way We Can Always Give It Meaning And Transform It Into Something Of Value.

Hermann Hesse


I’ve Been Absolutely Terrified Every Moment Of My Life – And I’ve Never Let It Keep Me From Doing A Single Thing I Wanted To Do.

Georgia O’Keeffe