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A Library Is The Delivery Room For The Birth Of Ideas, A Place Where History Comes To Life.


-Norman Cousins

Education Quotes On Uses Of Library By Norman Cousins
Education Quotes On Uses Of Library By Norman Cousins

He That Loves Reading Has Everything Within His Reach.


-William Godwin

Education Quotes On Reading By William Godwin
Education Quotes On Reading By William Godwin

All I Want Is An Education, And I Am Afraid Of No One.


-Malala Yousafzai

Quotes Describe Power Of Education By Malala Yousafzai
Quotes Describe Power Of Education By Malala Yousafzai

It Is A Thousand Times Better To Have Common Sense Without Education Than To Have Education Without Common Sense.


-Robert Green Ingersoll

Quotes On Education Without Common Sense By Robert Green Ingersoll
Quotes On Education Without Common Sense By Robert Green Ingersoll

Don’t Limit A Child To Your Own Learning, For He Was Born In Another Time.


-Rabindranath Tagore

Quotes On Child Education By Rabindranath Tagore
Quotes On Child Education By Rabindranath Tagore

If I Were Again Beginning My Studies, I Would Follow The Advice Of Plato And Start With Mathematics.


-Galileo Galilei

Education Quotes On His Affair With Mathematics By Galileo Galilei
Education Quotes On His Affair With Mathematics By Galileo Galilei

The Mere Imparting Of Information Is Not Education.


-Carter G. Woodson

Quotes On Wrong Method Of Education By Carter G. Woodson
Quotes On Wrong Method Of Education By Carter G. Woodson

Education Is The Ability To Listen To Almost Anything Without Losing Your Temper Or Your Self-Confidence.


-Robert Frost

Quotes On Self Confidence Through Education By Robert Frost
Quotes On Self Confidence Through Education By Robert Frost

To Educate A Man In Mind And Not In Morals Is To Educate A Menace To Society.


-Theodore Roosevelt

Quotes On Moral Education By Theodore Roosevelt
Quotes On Moral Education By Theodore Roosevelt

Learning Is Not Attained By Chance, It Must Be Sought For With Ardor And Diligence.


-Abigail Adams

Education Quotes About Importance Of Learning By Abigail Adams
Education Quotes About Importance Of Learning By Abigail Adams

The Most Influential Of All Educational Factors Is The Conversation In A Child’s Home.
William Temple

It Is A Miracle That Curiosity Survives Formal Education.
Albert Einstein

The Object Of Education Is To Prepare The Young To Educate Themselves Throughout Their Lives.
Robert M. Hutchins

Education Is A Progressive Discovery Of Our Own Ignorance.
Will Durant

Education Is Simply The Soul Of A Society As It Passes From One Generation To Another.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

An Educated People Can Be Easily Governed.
Frederick The Great

Observation More Than Books And Experience More Than Persons, Are The Prime Educators.
Amos Bronson Alcott

Since We Cannot Know All That There Is To Be Known About Anything, We Ought To Know A Little About Everything.
Blaise Pascal

Books, The Children Of The Brain.
Jonathan Swift

From Kindergarten To Graduation, I Went To Public Schools, And I Know That They Are A Key To Being Sure That Every Child Has A Chance To Succeed And To Rise In The World.
Dick Cheney

If I Had Learned Education I Would Not Have Had Time To Learn Anything Else.
Cornelius Vanderbilt

Good Questions Outrank Easy Answers.
Paul Samuelson

To Read Without Reflecting Is Like Eating Without Digesting.
Edmund Burke

Intellectual Growth Should Commence At Birth And Cease Only At Death.
Albert Einstein

No One Has Yet Realized The Wealth Of Sympathy, The Kindness And Generosity Hidden In The Soul Of A Child. The Effort Of Every True Education Should Be To Unlock That Treasure.
Emma Goldman

The Only Thing That Interferes With My Learning Is My Education.
Albert Einstein

The Great Difficulty In Education Is To Get Experience Out Of Ideas.
George Santayana

A Liberal Education Is At The Heart Of A Civil Society, And At The Heart Of A Liberal Education Is The Act Of Teaching.
A. Bartlett Giamatti

Governments Never Learn. Only People Learn.
Milton Friedman

True, A Little Learning Is A Dangerous Thing, But It Still Beats Total Ignorance.
Pauline Phillips

We Cannot Learn Men From Books.
Benjamin Disraeli

The Things I Want To Know Are In Books; My Best Friend Is The Man Who’ll Get Me A Book I Ain’t Read.
Abraham Lincoln

I Cannot Live Without Books.
Thomas Jefferson

If You Want To Be An Anthropologist, You Need To Study Physical Anthropology Specialized In Bones. If You Want To Be A Forensic Chemist, Get A Degree In Chemistry. Do You Want To Do DNA Work? Get A Degree In Microbiology. And Do Well. Study Hard And Go To Graduate School.
Kathy Reichs

I Decided To Start Anew, To Strip Away What I Had Been Taught.
Georgia O’Keeffe

Education Doesn’t Change Life Much. It Just Lifts Trouble To A Higher Plane Of Regard.
Robert Frost

An Education Isn’t How Much You Have Committed To Memory, Or Even How Much You Know. It’s Being Able To Differentiate Between What You Know And What You Don’t.
Anatole France

Some Parents Do Not Send Their Children To School Because They Don’t Know Its Importance At All.
Malala Yousafzai

I Prefer The Company Of Peasants Because They Have Not Been Educated Sufficiently To Reason Incorrectly.
Michel De Montaigne

Books Are The Blessed Chloroform Of The Mind.
Oswald Chambers

Data Is Not Information, Information Is Not Knowledge, Knowledge Is Not Understanding, Understanding Is Not Wisdom.
Clifford Stoll

I’ve Never Known Any Trouble Than An Hour’s Reading Didn’t Assuage.
Arthur Schopenhauer

Poor People Cannot Rely On The Government To Come To Help You In Times Of Need. You Have To Get Your Education. Then Nobody Can Control Your Destiny.
Charles Barkley

In The First Place, God Made Idiots. That Was For Practice. Then He Made School Boards.
Mark Twain

My Mother Said I Must Always Be Intolerant Of Ignorance But Understanding Of Illiteracy. That Some People, Unable To Go To School, Were More Educated And More Intelligent Than College Professors.
Maya Angelou

I Am Often Amazed At How Much More Capability And Enthusiasm For Science There Is Among Elementary School Youngsters Than Among College Students.
Carl Sagan

You Can Educate Yourself Right Out Of A Relationship With God.
Tammy Faye Bakker

He Who Laughs Most, Learns Best.
John Cleese

Learning Is A Result Of Listening, Which In Turn Leads To Even Better Listening And Attentiveness To The Other Person. In Other Words, To Learn From The Child, We Must Have Empathy, And Empathy Grows As We Learn.
Alice Miller

The Simplest Schoolboy Is Now Familiar With Truths For Which Archimedes Would Have Sacrificed His Life.
Ernest Renan

Why Should Society Feel Responsible Only For The Education Of Children, And Not For The Education Of All Adults Of Every Age?
Erich Fromm

Education Is A Better Safeguard Of Liberty Than A Standing Army.
Edward Everett
Racial Segregation Has Come Back To Public Education With A Vengeance.
Jonathan Kozol

True Education Flowers At The Point When Delight Falls In Love With Responsibility.
Philip Pullman

The Primary Purpose Of A Liberal Education Is To Make One’s Mind A Pleasant Place In Which To Spend One’s Leisure.
Sydney J. Harris

Higher Education Should Be Based On Quality, Not Quantity; Receive Merit-Based Funding; And Be Free Of Unnecessary Bureaucracy. Not The Least Of The Benefits Of Educational Reform Is To Foster The Pride Of Achievement At National And International Levels.
Ahmed Zewail

Nothing Can Teach You What It’s Like To Work On A Film Set, And The Best Education There Can Be For An Actor Is To Walk Up The Street And Observe Human Nature.
Rosamund Pike

There Is A Growing Acceptance And Interest In Publicly Funded School Choice As A Catalyst For Education Reform In General And A Way To Empower Parents To Be Education Reformers.
John T. Walton

The Aim Of Education Is The Knowledge Not Of Facts But Of Values.
William Ralph Inge

My Parents Are Very Hard Working People Who Did Everything They Could For Their Children. I Have Two Brothers And They Worked Dog Hard To Give Us An Education And Provide Us With The Most Comfortable Life Possible. My Dad Provided For His Family Daily. So, Yes, That Is Definitely In My DNA.
David Oyelowo

I Was Actually Born And Raised In Puerto Rico. I Was Born To A Single Mom. She Was A Wonderful Woman, And She Taught Me To Believe In Myself, To Work Hard, Play By The Rules. She Wanted Me To Get A Good Education, And She Just Told Me That The Best Thing I Could Do Is Just Study Hard.
Raul Labrador

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates And Mark Zuckerberg Didn’t Finish College. Too Much Emphasis Is Placed On Formal Education – I Told My Children Not To Worry About Their Grades But To Enjoy Learning.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Formal Education Will Make You A Living; Self-Education Will Make You A Fortune.
Jim Rohn

I Am Playing The Violin, That’s All I Know, Nothing Else, No Education, No Nothing. You Just Practice Every Day.
Itzhak Perlman

Being Incarcerated Is Truly Very Serious, And It Has Changed My Life To Such An Extent That Breaking The Cycle Has Become My Sole Focus. Jail Is Definitely Not Cool. Education Is.
Ja Rule

I Never Got A Formal Education. So My Intellect Is My Common Sense. I Don’t Have Anything Else Going For Me. And My Common Sense Opens The Door To Instinct.
Jerry Lewis

To Accuse Others For One’s Own Misfortunes Is A Sign Of Want Of Education. To Accuse Oneself Shows That One’s Education Has Begun. To Accuse Neither Oneself Nor Others Shows That One’s Education Is Complete.

The Point Of My Work Is To Show That Culture And Education Aren’t Simply Hobbies Or Minor Influences.
Pierre Bourdieu

The Most Used Program In Computers And Education Is Powerpoint. What Are You Learning About The Nature Of The Medium By Knowing How Do To A Great Powerpoint Presentation? Nothing. It Certainly Doesn’t Teach You How To Think Critically About Living In A Culture Of Simulation.
Sherry Turkle

Without Education, You Are Not Going Anywhere In This World.
Malcolm X

My Dad Was In The Army. World War II. He Got His College Education From The Army. After World War II He Became An Insurance Salesman. Really, I Didn’t Know My Dad Very Well. He And My Mother Split Up After The War. I Was Raised By My Maternal Grandmother And Grandfather, And By My Mother.
Al Pacino

When You Have Strict Censorship Of The Internet, Young Students Cannot Receive A Full Education. Their View Of The World Is Imbalanced. There Can Be No True Discussion Of The Issues.
Ai Weiwei
In A Way, Education By Its Nature Favours The Extrovert Because You Are Taking Kids And Putting Them Into A Big Classroom, Which Is Automatically Going To Be A High-Stimulation Environment. Probably The Best Way Of Teaching In General Is One On One, But That’s Not Something Everyone Can Afford.
Susan Cain

Education Is Freedom.
Paulo Freire

The Problem With K-12 Education Is Socialism And The Solution Is Capitalism.
Peter Brimelow

There Are Many Challenges In The Global Education Ecosystem: From Top-Down Systemic Issues In How Educational Services Are Organized And Delivered, To Bottom-Up Issues Of Curriculum Effectiveness, Accountability, And Human Resource Allocation.
Adam Braun

Looking Ahead, I Believe That The Underlying Importance Of Higher Education, Of Science, Of Technology, Of Research And Scholarship To Our Quality Of Life, To The Strength Of Our Economy, To Our Security In Many Dimensions Will Continue To Be The Most Important Message.
Charles Vest

By Making College Unaffordable And Student Loans Unbearable, We Risk Deterring Our Best And Brightest From Pursuing Higher Education And Securing A Good-Paying Job.
Mark Pocan
One Of The Greatest Obstacles To Escaping Poverty Is The Staggering Cost Of Higher Education.
Chris Van Hollen

The Most Important Part Of Education Is Proper Training In The Nursery.

Common Sense Is In Spite Of, Not As The Result Of Education.
Victor Hugo

Without Education We Are In A Horrible And Deadly Danger Of Taking Educated People Seriously.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

Education Forms The Common Mind. Just As The Twig Is Bent, The Tree’s Inclined.
Alexander Pope

In School, Many Of Us Procrastinate And Then Successfully Cram For Tests. We Get The Grades And Degrees We Need To Get The Jobs We Want, Even If We Fail To Get A Good General Education.
Stephen Covey

Education Is Everything – Education Is Your Power, Education Is Your Way In Life For Whatever You Want To Do.

The Education Of Women Is The Best Way To Save The Environment.
E. O. Wilson

The Important Thing About Mobile Is, Everybody Has A Computer In Their Pocket. The Implications Of So Many People Connected To The Internet All The Time From The Standpoint Of Education Is Incredible.
Ben Horowitz

Study After Study Confirms That Even When You Control For Variables Like Profession, Education, Hours Worked, Age, Marital Status, And Children, Men Still Are Compensated Substantially More – Even In Professions, Like Nursing, Dominated By Women. No Wonder There’s A Gender Gap.
Dee Dee Myers

Learnvest Provides Women With The Necessary Tools And Resources To Manage Their Personal Finances; Its Core Mission, To Positively Contribute To Society Through Education And, Ultimately, The Promotion Of Self-Sufficient And Financially Aware Women.
Alexa Von Tobel

Martial Arts Should Be Part Of Every Girl’s Education.
Esha Gupta

We Must Believe In The Power Of Education. We Must Respect Just Laws. We Must Love Ourselves, Our Old And Or Young, Our Women As Well As Our Men.
Arthur Ashe

Economists Who Have Studied The Relationship Between Education And Economic Growth Confirm What Common Sense Suggests: The Number Of College Degrees Is Not Nearly As Important As How Well Students Develop Cognitive Skills, Such As Critical Thinking And Problem-Solving Ability.
Derek Bok

This Assumption Of Negro Leadership In The Ghetto, Then, Must Not Be Confined To Matters Of Religion, Education, And Social Uplift; It Must Deal With Such Fundamental Forces In Life As Make These Things Possible.
Carter G. Woodson

Television Could Perform A Great Service In Mass Education, But There’s No Indication Its Sponsors Have Anything Like This On Their Minds.
Tallulah Bankhead

Now The Problem With Standardized Tests Is That It’s Based On The Mistake That We Can Simply Scale Up The Education Of Children Like You Would Scale Up Making Carburetors. And We Can’t, Because Human Beings Are Very Different From Motorcars, And They Have Feelings About What They Do And Motivations In Doing It, Or Not.
Ken Robinson

‘No Child Left Behind’ Requires States And School Districts To Ensure That All Students Are Learning And Are Reaching Their Highest Potential. Special Education Students Should Not Be Left Out Of These Accountability Mechanisms.
Dianne Feinstein

Financial Literacy Is An Issue That Should Command Our Attention Because Many Americans Are Not Adequately Organizing Finances For Their Education, Healthcare And Retirement.
Ron Lewis

When I Enrolled In College At Age 19, I Had A Total Of Eight Years Of Formal Classroom Education. As A Result, I Was Not Comfortable With Formal Lectures And Receiving Regular Homework Assignments.
Philip Emeagwali

When The State Or Federal Government Control The Education Of All Of Our Children, They Have The Dangerous And Illegitimate Monopoly To Control And Influence The Thought Process Of Our Citizens.
Michael Badnarik

Apart From Education, You Need Good Health, And For That, You Need To Play Sports.
Kapil Dev

There Is No Common Standard For Education About Diagnosis. Distinguishing Between Bipolar Depression And Major Depressive Disorder, For Example, Can Be Difficult, And Mistakes Are Common. Misdiagnosis Can Be Lethal. Medications That Work Well For Some Forms Of Depression Induce Agitation In Others.
Kay Redfield Jamison

We Are Faced With The Paradoxical Fact That Education Has Become One Of The Chief Obstacles To Intelligence And Freedom Of Thought.
Bertrand Russell

It Seems To Me That At This Time We Need Education In The Obvious More Than Investigation Of The Obscure.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

The Family Teaches Us About The Importance Of Knowledge, Education, Hard Work And Effort. It Teaches Us About Enjoying Ourselves, Having Fun, Keeping Fit And Healthy.
Kamisese Mara