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Cherish Your Human Connections – Your Relationships With Friends And Family.


-Barbara Bush

Quotes On Family Relationship By Barbara Bush
Quotes On Family Relationship By Barbara Bush

You Have To Defend Your Honor. And Your Family.


-Suzenne Vega

Quotes Describes The Honor Of Family By Suzenne Vega
Quotes Describes The Honor Of Family By Suzenne Vega

I Have Frequently Been Questioned, Especially By Women, Of How I Could Reconcile Family Life With A Scientific Career. Well, It Has Not Been Easy.


-Marie Curie

Family Quotes About Women's Reconciling Power By Marie Curie
Family Quotes About Women’s Reconciling Power By Marie Curie

Like All My Family And Class, I Considered It A Sign Of Weakness To Show Affection; To Have Been Caught Kissing My Mother Would Have Been A Disgrace, And To Have Shown Affection For My Father Would Have Been A Disaster.


-Agnes Smedley

Quotes About Weakness On Affection In Family By Agnes Smedley
Quotes About Weakness On Affection In Family By Agnes Smedley

The Greatest Thing In Family Life Is To Take A Hint When A Hint Is Intended-And Not To Take A Hint When A Hint Isn’t Intended.


-Robert Frost

Quotes Explain The Importance Of Hints In Family By Robert Frost
Quotes Explain The Importance Of Hints In Family By Robert Frost

The One Thing That Kept Our Family Together Was The Music. The Only Thing That Our Family Would Share Emotionally Was To Have Our Dad Cry Over Something The Kids Did With Music.


-Dennis Wilson

Quotes On Family Music By Dennis Wilson
Quotes On Family Music By Dennis Wilson

I Love Cooking For Myself And Cooking For My Family.


Al Roker

Quotes Explains The Happiness On Cooking For Family
Quotes Explains The Happiness On Cooking For Family

One’s Family Is The Most Important Thing In Life. I Look At It This Way: One Of These Days I’ll Be Over In A Hospital Somewhere With Four Walls Around Me. And The Only People Who’ll Be With Me Will Be My Family.


-Robert Byrd

Quotes On Importance of Family Support By Robert Byrd
Quotes On Importance of Family Support By Robert Byrd

Some Of The Most Important Conversations I’ve Ever Had Occurred At My Family’s Dinner Table.


-Bob Ehrlich

Quotes On Spending Time With Family By Bob Ehrlich
Quotes On Spending Time With Family By Bob Ehrlich

A Man Should Never Neglect His Family For Business.


-Walt Disney

Quotes Describe Importance Of Family By Walt Disney
Quotes Describe Importance Of Family By Walt Disney

He Who Is Overly Attached To His Family Members Experiences Fear And Sorrow, For The Root Of All Grief Is Attachment. Thus One Should Discard Attachment To Be Happy.

I’ve Always Put My Family First And That’s Just The Way It Is.
Jamie Lee Curtis

I Have A Great Family, I Live An Amazing Life.
John Oates

The Family Is The Nucleus Of Civilization.
Will Durant

We’ll Sort Of Get Over The Marriage First And Then Maybe Look At The Kids. But Obviously We Want A Family So We’ll Have To Start Thinking About That.
Prince William

My Family Was My Guide To My Reality.
Haywood Nelson

Both Within The Family And Without, Our Sisters Hold Up Our Mirrors: Our Images Of Who We Are And Of Who We Can Dare To Be.
Elizabeth Fishel

Tennis Just A Game, Family Is Forever.
Serena Williams

I’ve Given It My All. I’ve Done My Best. Now, I’m Ready With My Family To Begin The Next Phase Of Our Lives.
Richard M. Daley

I Love Children And I Get Along With Them Great. It’s Just That I Believe If You’re Going To Be A Parent, There Has To Be Something Inside You That Says, ‘I Want A Family.’ I Don’t Feel That Sense Of Urgency.
George Clooney

We Love To Be With Our Family And Friends And I Can Tell You That Lots Of Eating Will Be Involved.
Julia Barr

When You Start About Family, About Lineage And Ancestry, You Are Talking About Every Person On Earth.
Alex Haley

For Me, Nothing Has Ever Taken Precedence Over Being A Mother And Having A Family And A Home.
Jessica Lange

Women’s Natural Role Is To Be A Pillar Of The Family.
Grace Kelly

The Family You Come From Isn’t As Important As The Family You’re Going To Have.
Ring Lardner

There Is No Such Thing As Fun For The Whole Family.
Jerry Seinfeld

Having Family Responsibilities And Concerns Just Has To Make You A More Understanding Person.
Sandra Day O’Connor

A Woman Can Take Care Of The Family. It Takes A Man To Provide Structure, To Provide Stability.
Tom Delay

My Family Background Was Deeply Christian.
Abbe Pierre

For All Of Those Willing To Help Me Start A Family, I Am Flattered. I Will Let You Know When I Need Your Help.
Paula Abdul

I Find The Family The Most Mysterious And Fascinating Institution In The World.
Amos Oz

There Are Things That You Cannot Talk To Your Mother And Father About, There Are Things That You Cannot Talk To Your Children About.
Shirley Knight

My Family Is More Important Than My Party.
Zell Miller

I’m Not Much Of A Family Man. I’m Just Not That Into It. I Love Kids, I Adore Them, But I Don’t Want To Live My Life For Them.

Family, Nature And Health All Go Together.
Olivia Newton-John

It Is Extraordinary That When You Are Acquainted With A Whole Family You Can Forget About Them.
Gertrude Stein

Dad Kept Us Out Of School, But School Comes And Goes. Family Is Forever.
Charlie Sheen

I Live Quietly At Home Among My Family And Friends.
Antonio Tabucchi

I Have These Visions Of Myself Being Thirty, Thirty-Five, Forty Having A Family.
Nastassja Kinski

The Joke In Our Family Is That We Can Cry Reading The Phone Book.
Ron Reagan

Make A Goal Box, A Chart Of Positive Daily Contact With A Family When You Are Working With Them.
Richard G. Scott

The Most Difficult Is The First Family, To Bring Someone Out Of The World.
Richard G. Scott

To Enjoy Good Health, To Bring True Happiness To One’s Family, To Bring Peace To All, One Must First Discipline And Control One’s Own Mind. If A Man Can Control His Mind He Can Find The Way To Enlightenment, And All Wisdom And Virtue Will Naturally Come To Him.

Knowledge Is Power. Information Is Liberating. Education Is The Premise Of Progress, In Every Society, In Every Family.
Kofi Annan

A Real Man Loves His Wife, And Places His Family As The Most Important Thing In Life. Nothing Has Brought Me More Peace And Content In Life Than Simply Being A Good Husband And Father.
Frank Abagnale

I Wanted To Say Thanks… And Share My Gratitude For Everything I’ve Been Blessed With. Family, Friends, And Continued Support From Everyone.
Travis Barker

It’s All About Quality Of Life And Finding A Happy Balance Between Work And Friends And Family.
Philip Green

I Am Blessed To Have So Many Great Things In My Life – Family, Friends And God. All Will Be In My Thoughts Daily.
Lil’ Kim

I Had A Really Wonderful Upbringing. We Were A Tight Family. It Was Wonderful To Grow Up With So Many Siblings. We Were All Just A Year Or Two Apart, And We Were Always So Supportive Of Each Other. I Learned Everything From My Older Brother And Sister And Taught It To My Younger Sisters.
Joaquin Phoenix

In Dwelling, Live Close To The Ground. In Thinking, Keep To The Simple. In Conflict, Be Fair And Generous. In Governing, Don’t Try To Control. In Work, Do What You Enjoy. In Family Life, Be Completely Present.
Lao Tzu

God Has Blessed Me With An Amazing Family, Friends And Work Colleagues That Have Been My Joy, My Support, And My Sanity. I Don’t Know What I’d Do Without Them.
Josie Loren

Anyone With A Heart, With A Family, Has Experienced Loss. No One Escapes Unscathed. Every Story Of Separation Is Different, But I Think We All Understand That Basic, Wrenching Emotion That Comes From Saying Goodbye, Not Knowing If We’ll See That Person Again – Or Perhaps Knowing That We Won’t.
Luanne Rice

Every Child Should Have A Caring Adult In Their Lives. And That’s Not Always A Biological Parent Or Family Member. It May Be A Friend Or Neighbor. Often Times It Is A Teacher.
Joe Manchin

I Love Spending Time With My Friends And Family. The Simplest Things In Life Give Me The Most Pleasure: Cooking A Good Meal, Enjoying My Friends.
Cindy Morgan

I’m Surrounded By Great Friends And Family. I Don’t Know What I Would Do Without Them.
Emma Roberts

I Believe That The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Family And The World Is A Healthy You.
Joyce Meyer

God’s Dream Is That You And I And All Of Us Will Realize That We Are Family, That We Are Made For Togetherness, For Goodness, And For Compassion.
Desmond Tutu

I Have A Wonderful Shelter, Which Is My Family. I Have A Wonderful Relationship With My Brother And Sister; This Makes Me Feel That I Know Always Where I Belong.
Jose Carreras

If You Dream Of Something Worth Doing And Then Simply Go To Work On It And Don’t Think Anything Of Personalities, Or Emotional Conflicts, Or Of Money, Or Of Family Distractions; It Is Amazing How Quickly You Get Through Those 5,000 Steps.
Edwin Land

God Has Already Done Everything He’s Going To Do. The Ball Is Now In Your Court. If You Want Success, If You Want Wisdom, If You Want To Be Prosperous And Healthy, You’re Going To Have To Do More Than Meditate And Believe; You Must Boldly Declare Words Of Faith And Victory Over Yourself And Your Family.
Joel Osteen

I Try To Be A Good Daughter, As I Believe In Karma And Feel That How You Are With Your Parents Is Directly Proportionate To What You Receive In Your Life. I Am A Big Oneness Follower, And Our Gurus Have Told Us That If You Want To Achieve External Happiness, You Need To Be Happy Internally. And Your Inner Circle Is Your Family.
Shilpa Shetty

As A Child My Family’s Menu Consisted Of Two Choices: Take It Or Leave It.
Buddy Hackett

Christmas Is The Perfect Time To Celebrate The Love Of God And Family And To Create Memories That Will Last Forever. Jesus Is God’s Perfect, Indescribable Gift. The Amazing Thing Is That Not Only Are We Able To Receive This Gift, But We Are Able To Share It With Others On Christmas And Every Other Day Of The Year.
Joel Osteen

I Really Don’t Care What People Think Of Me. I’ve Got My Family. I’ve Got My Friends. Yes, I Have Been Trained To Be A Little More Aggressive If I Need To Be, But I Don’t Go Around Thumping People.
Chris Kyle

Cherish Your Human Connections: Your Relationships With Friends And Family.
Joseph Brodsky

My Kids Are My No. 1 Priority. They’re The Light In My Everyday Life. The Sunshine. The Miracle. Those Eyes. Those Smiles. At The Same Time, I Have An Extended, Amazing Family That Is My Audience. All These People Have Been With Me For Such A Long Time. I Have These Two Responsibilities.

Positive Feelings Come From Being Honest About Yourself And Accepting Your Personality, And Physical Characteristics, Warts And All; And, From Belonging To A Family That Accepts You Without Question.
Willard Scott

My Family And Friends Were Definitely The Key To My Recovery. One Thing That I Do Suggest Is That Anyone Dealing With A Life-Threatening Illness Like Cancer Choose A Point Person For People To Call To Find Out How You Are Doing – A Sister, Brother, Mother, Father, Daughter, Son, Or Close Friend.
Olivia Newton-John

The Most Important Thing In The World Is Family And Love.
John Wooden

I Was Born January 6, 1937, Eight Years After Wall Street Crashed And Two Years Before John Steinbeck Published The Grapes Of Wrath, His Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novel About The Plight Of A Family During The Great Depression.
Lou Holtz

My Experiences In Life Are Getting Bigger And Better. The More Stuff I Do, The More Stuff I Talk About – Having Kids, Traveling, Going Through Relationship Problems, Dealing With Things In My Own Family. All That Stuff Builds Character.
Kevin Hart

Dollywood Is A Family Park, And All Families Are Welcome. We Do Have A Policy About Profanity Or Controversial Messages On Clothing Or Signs. It Is To Protect The Individual Wearing Or Carrying Them, As Well As To Keep Down Fights Or Problems By Those Opposed To It At The Park.
Dolly Parton

Everyone Feels Like Family And I Am Back In The City That I Love.
Chris Noth

Family Trips To Yellowstone And To What Are Now National Parks In Southern Utah, Driving The Primitive Roads And Cars Of That Day, Were Real Adventures.
Paul D. Boyer

Girls Need To Be Strong And Know How To Stand Up For Themselves. Definitely Having Friends Is A Big Part Of It, So That They Can Help You Through That, And A Strong Family.
Jenna Boyd

I Guess What Really Forms You As A Person Is What You Do Within Your Family To Receive Love Or Attention. In My Family, What You Had To Do To Receive Attention Was To Have Good Conversation At The Dinner Table Or For Me To Do Well At School, And Those Were Really My Focuses Because That Was What Was Valued The Most.
Emma Watson

Going Home And Spending Time With Your Family And Your Real Friends Keeps You Grounded.
Jennifer Ellison

I’m Just Trying To Be The Me That I Am And Not All Of This Other Crap. I Just Want To Be The Family Man, And If Somehow I Can Make The Money To Get My Ranch And Get The Hell Away From Everybody Else, That Would Be Awesome.
Chris Kyle

Only Solitary Men Know The Full Joys Of Frienship. Others Have Their Family; But To A Solitary And An Exile, His Friends Are Everything.
Willa Cather

I Prioritize The Things That Need To Get Done At Work, And I Ask Myself Where I’m Spending The Majority Of My Time. The Answer To That Question Always Needs To Be ‘With My Family.’
Elisabeth Hasselbeck

The Royal Family Have Always Had An Interest In A Number Of Different Areas Of Society. We Are A Part Of Society.
Prince Andrew

Her Friends Say She Is Very Funny. At A Family Dinner, She Stood To Go, And The Footman Very Properly Pulled Her Chair Away. At That Moment I Asked Her A Question And She Sat Down Again, Except There Was No Chair. Everyone, Including The Queen, Laughed And Laughed.
Prince Andrew

My Father Worked For The Railroad, And Whenever A Train Crashed, We Would Go As A Family And Steal Food From The Boxcars. One Year We Stole A Case Of Butterscotch Pudding That Was For Export To Israel. It Took Us Years To Get Through.
Chuck Palahniuk

Everybody’s Family Has Different Values.
Lewis Black

I Want To Make Sure My Family’s Straight.
Lil Wayne

To Each Other, We Were As Normal And Nice As The Smell Of Bread. We Were Just A Family. In A Family Even Exaggerations Make Perfect Sense.
John Irving

We’re African-American And We Work Together As A Family, So People Assume We’re Like The Jacksons. But I Didn’t Have Parents Using Me To Get Out Of A Bad Situation.
Beyonce Knowles

My Family Kinda Hit The Skids. We Were Experiencing Poverty At That Point. We All Got A Job, Where The Whole Family Had To Work As Security Guards And Janitors. And I Just Got Angry.
Jim Carrey

My Folks Ain’t Graduated From High School Or Nothing Like That, So We Always Had To Struggle In The Family – And I Come From A Big Family.
Kendrick Lamar

I’m So Centered In Feeling Great About Me That I Can Give Great Things To My Son And My Husband And My Family.
Celine Dion

I Don’t Think A Female Running A House Is A Problem, A Broken Family. It’s Perceived As One Because Of The Notion That A Head Is A Man.
Toni Morrison

The Moment Someone Chooses To Trust In Jesus Christ, His Sins Are Wiped Away, And He Is Adopted Into God’s Family. That Individual Is Set Apart As A Child Of God, With A Sacred Purpose.
Charles Stanley

Prayer Doesn’t Work Because Someone Out There Is Listening, It Works Because Someone In Here Is Listening. I’ve Paid Attention. I’ve Pictured What I Want To Happen In My Life. I’ve Meditated Extensively On My Family, My Future, My Past Actions And What Did And Didn’t Work For Me About Them.
Adam Savage

I Came From A Family Who Believed In, In Quotes, The Rights Of Man: Who Believed That In Order To Justify The Sort Of Luxurious Life That The Majority Of Us Have, Related To The Whole World, That You Had To Do Something.
Richard Attenborough

My Dad Used To Sit Me On His Knee And Read From The Bible To Us. We Were A Praying Family. Ours Was A Family Of Love And A Family Of Prayer.
Roma Downey

My Wife Is The Boss At Home, And My Daughters Are The Bosses. I Am Just The Worker. We Are A Very Warm Family And Very Happy.
Jet Li

The Metaphor I’ve Used Is… Somebody’s Going To Push My Family Off A Cliff Pretty Soon, And I Won’t Be There To Catch Them. And That Breaks My Heart. But I Have Some Time To Sew Some Nets To Cushion The Fall. So, I Can Curl Up In A Ball And Cry, Or I Can Get To Work On The Nets.
Randy Pausch

It’s Long Been Accepted As Fact That The Availability Of Family Planning Services Saves Lives. Where Women Have Access To These Services, Children And Families Are Healthier, And Society At Large Benefits.
Martha Plimpton

The Most Successful Families Embrace And Elevate Their Family History, Particularly Their Failures, Setbacks And Other Missteps.
Bruce Feiler

I Always Had A Separate Life Than Just My Work. I Built My Own Family. I Have My Own Hobbies And Interests. I Have A Ranch With Livestock And Horses. I Didn’t Always Get My Self-Esteem And Identity From Acting. I Never Worked Unless I Wanted To. I Never Did Anything Just To Do It, Just For The Paycheck. I Always Did Things That I Liked.
Ricky Schroder

Growing Up In Ireland, When My Family Received Important News, Good Or Bad, We Would Boil Water And Make Tea. It Was The First Thing I Did When My Father Died In 1984. This Ritual Allowed Me A Moment To Take In The Enormity Of What Had Happened.
Roma Downey

Anyone That Has A Job That Takes Them Away From Home, I Think, Can Understand The Difficulties In Maintaining Consistency, Not Only With Your Family And Those You Love But With Your Friends.
Heath Ledger

I Love The Community Of Theater. There Is Something About The Camaraderie: People Who Show Up Eight Times A Week To Do A Show. It’s Unlike Any Other Business. It’s Just Lovely. You Feel Like You’re In A Family.
Billy Porter

I Leave CNN With The Utmost Respect, Love And Admiration For The Company And Everyone Who Works Here. This Has Been My Family And Shared Endeavor For The Past 27 Years, And I Am Forever Grateful And Proud Of All That We Have Accomplished.
Christiane Amanpour