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Without Labor Nothing Prospers.

Work Quotes On Needs Of Labor By Sophocles
Work Quotes On Needs Of Labor By Sophocles

Let Us Realize That: The Privilege To Work Is A Gift, The Power To Work Is A Blessing, The Love Of Work Is Success!
-David O. Mckay

Quotes on Good Benefits of work by David O. Mckay
Quotes on Good Benefits of work by David O. Mckay

Work Is A Necessary Evil To Be Avoided.
-Mark Twain

Quotes Refer Work Is Unavoidable By Mark Twain
Quotes Refer Work Is Unavoidable By Mark Twain

There Is Joy In Work. There Is No Happiness Except In The Realization That We Have Accomplished Something.
-Henry Ford

Work Quotes On Happiness By Henry Ford
Work Quotes On Happiness By Henry Ford

Don’t Stay In Bed, Unless You Can Make Money In Bed.
-George Burns

Work Quotes About Laziness By George Burns
Work Quotes About Laziness By George Burns

It Is Only When I Am Doing My Work That I Feel Truly Alive.
-Federico Fellini

Work Quotes With True Words By Federico Fellini
Work Quotes With True Words By Federico Fellini

The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get.
-Samuel Goldwyn

Work Quotes On Luck By Samuel Goldwyn
Work Quotes On Luck By Samuel Goldwyn

I Never Did A Day’s Work In My Life. It Was All Fun.
-Thomas A. Edison

Quotes Explain That Work May Done With Fun By Thomas A. Edison
Quotes Explain That Work May Done With Fun By Thomas A. Edison

We Work To Become, Not To Acquire.
-Elbert Hubbard

Work Quotes Refer The Benefit Of Work By Elbert Hubbard
Work Quotes Refer The Benefit Of Work By Elbert Hubbard

Labor Gives Birth To Ideas.
-Jim Rohn

Work Quotes About Importance Of Labor By Jim Rohn
Work Quotes About Importance Of Labor By Jim Rohn

Work Is A Prayer. And I Start Off Every Morning Dedicating It To Our Creator.

Joseph Murray


A Man’s Work Is Nothing But This Slow Trek To Rediscover, Through The Detours Of Art, Those Two Or Three Great And Simple Images In Whose Presence His Heart First Opened.

Albert Camus




The Taxpayer – That’s Someone Who Works For The Federal Government But Doesn’t Have To Take The Civil Service Examination.

Ronald Reagan



I’ve Got A Woman’s Ability To Stick To A Job And Get On With It When Everyone Else Walks Off And Leaves It.

Margaret Thatcher


Good Things Happen To Those Who Hustle.

Chuck Noll



All Labor That Uplifts Humanity Has Dignity And Importance And Should Be Undertaken With Painstaking Excellence.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Work Is Love Made Visible. And If You Cannot Work With Love But Only With Distaste, It Is Better That You Should Leave Your Work And Sit At The Gate Of The Temple And Take Alms Of Those Who Work With Joy.

Khalil Gibran


I Believe In Stopping Work And Eating Lunch.

L’Wren Scott


I Guess We All Like To Be Recognized Not For One Piece Of Fireworks, But For The Ledger Of Our Daily Work.

Neil Armstrong


People Who Work Together Will Win, Whether It Be Against Complex Football Defenses, Or The Problems Of Modern Society.

Vince Lombardi


Big Pay And Little Responsibility Are Circumstances Seldom Found Together.

Napoleon Hill


Life Grants Nothing To Us Mortals Without Hard Work.



Be Regular And Orderly In Your Life, So That You May Be Violent And Original In Your Work.

Gustave Flaubert


Luck? I Don’t Know Anything About Luck. I’ve Never Banked On It And I’m Afraid Of People Who Do. Luck To Me Is Something Else: Hard Work – And Realizing What Is Opportunity And What Isn’t.

Lucille Ball


Do Not Hire A Man Who Does Your Work For Money, But Him Who Does It For Love Of It.

Henry David Thoreau


I’ve Learned From Experience That If You Work Harder At It, And Apply More Energy And Time To It, And More Consistency, You Get A Better Result. It Comes From The Work.

Louis C. K.



Thinking Is The Hardest Work There Is, Which Is Probably The Reason Why So Few Engage In It.

Henry Ford


Do Not Wait; The Time Will Never Be ‘Just Right.’ Start Where You Stand, And Work With Whatever Tools You May Have At Your Command, And Better Tools Will Be Found As You Go Along.

George Herbert


Without Hard Work, Nothing Grows But Weeds.

Gordon B. Hinckley


Never Stop Fighting Until You Arrive At Your Destined Place – That Is, The Unique You. Have An Aim In Life, Continuously Acquire Knowledge, Work Hard, And Have Perseverance To Realise The Great Life.

  1. P. J. Abdul Kalam


Believe In Yourself, And The Rest Will Fall Into Place. Have Faith In Your Own Abilities, Work Hard, And There Is Nothing You Cannot Accomplish.

Brad Henry



A Gentle Word, A Kind Look, A Good-Natured Smile Can Work Wonders And Accomplish Miracles.

William Hazlitt


The Artist Is Nothing Without The Gift, But The Gift Is Nothing Without Work.

Emile Zola


Teamwork Makes The Dream Work, But A Vision Becomes A Nightmare When The Leader Has A Big Dream And A Bad Team.

John C. Maxwell


Inspiration Is One Thing And You Can’t Control It, But Hard Work Is What Keeps The Ship Moving. Good Luck Means, Work Hard. Keep Up The Good Work.

Kevin Eubanks


Follow Your Passion, Be Prepared To Work Hard And Sacrifice, And, Above All, Don’t Let Anyone Limit Your Dreams.

Donovan Bailey


We Are All Born Ignorant, But One Must Work Hard To Remain Stupid.

Benjamin Franklin


You Have To Fight To Reach Your Dream. You Have To Sacrifice And Work Hard For It.

Lionel Messi


Let The Future Tell The Truth, And Evaluate Each One According To His Work And Accomplishments. The Present Is Theirs; The Future, For Which I Have Really Worked, Is Mine.

Nikola Tesla


Knowledge Comes, But Wisdom Lingers. It May Not Be Difficult To Store Up In The Mind A Vast Quantity Of Facts Within A Comparatively Short Time, But The Ability To Form Judgments Requires The Severe Discipline Of Hard Work And The Tempering Heat Of Experience And Maturity.

Calvin Coolidge


While You’re Going Through This Process Of Trying To Find The Satisfaction In Your Work, Pretend You Feel Satisfied. Tell Yourself You Had A Good Day. Walk Through The Corridors With A Smile Rather Than A Scowl. Your Positive Energy Will Radiate. If You Act Like You’re Having Fun, You’ll Find You Are Having Fun.

Jean Chatzky


It’s All About Quality Of Life And Finding A Happy Balance Between Work And Friends And Family.

Philip Green


If You Always Put Limit On Everything You Do, Physical Or Anything Else. It Will Spread Into Your Work And Into Your Life. There Are No Limits. There Are Only Plateaus, And You Must Not Stay There, You Must Go Beyond Them.

Bruce Lee


Behaving Like A Princess Is Work. It’s Not Just About Looking Beautiful Or Wearing A Crown. It’s More About How You Are Inside.

Julie Andrews


If I Don’t Feel Confident About My Body, I’m Not Going To Sit At Home And Feel Sorry For Myself And Not Do Something About It. It’s All About Taking Action And Not Being Lazy. So You Do The Work, Whether It’s Fitness Or Whatever. It’s About Getting Up, Motivating Yourself And Just Doing It.

Kim Kardashian


Perseverance Is The Hard Work You Do After You Get Tired Of Doing The Hard Work You Already Did.

Newt Gingrich


Being Busy Does Not Always Mean Real Work. The Object Of All Work Is Production Or Accomplishment And To Either Of These Ends There Must Be Forethought, System, Planning, Intelligence, And Honest Purpose, As Well As Perspiration. Seeming To Do Is Not Doing.

Thomas A. Edison


The Bottom Line Is, When People Are Crystal Clear About The Most Important Priorities Of The Organization And Team They Work With And Prioritized Their Work Around Those Top Priorities, Not Only Are They Many Times More Productive, They Discover They Have The Time They Need To Have A Whole Life.

Stephen Covey


The Three Great Essentials To Achieve Anything Worth While Are: Hard Work, Stick-To-Itiveness, And Common Sense.

Thomas A. Edison


The Miracle Is Not That We Do This Work, But That We Are Happy To Do It.

Mother Teresa



Our Work Is The Presentation Of Our Capabilities.

Edward Gibbon


Youth Is The Gift Of Nature, But Age Is A Work Of Art.

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec




If God Can Work Through Me, He Can Work Through Anyone.

Francis Of Assisi


I Hope The Millions Of People I’ve Touched Have The Optimism And Desire To Share Their Goals And Hard Work And Persevere With A Positive Attitude.

Michael Jordan


Fires Can’t Be Made With Dead Embers, Nor Can Enthusiasm Be Stirred By Spiritless Men. Enthusiasm In Our Daily Work Lightens Effort And Turns Even Labor Into Pleasant Tasks.

James A. Baldwin


No Work Or Love Will Flourish Out Of Guilt, Fear, Or Hollowness Of Heart, Just As No Valid Plans For The Future Can Be Made By Those Who Have No Capacity For Living Now.

Alan Watts


Hard Work Pays Off – Hard Work Beats Talent Any Day, But If You’re Talented And Work Hard, It’s Hard To Be Beat.

Robert Griffin III


I’m Tired Of Hearing It Said That Democracy Doesn’t Work. Of Course It Doesn’t Work. We Are Supposed To Work It.

Alexander Woollcott


Do Your Work With Your Whole Heart, And You Will Succeed – There’s So Little Competition.

Elbert Hubbard


Canada Was Built Around A Very Simple Premise. A Promise That You Can Work Hard And Succeed And Build A Future For Yourselves And Your Kids, And That Future For Your Kids Would Be Better Than The One You Had.

Justin Trudeau


Research Indicates That Employees Have Three Prime Needs: Interesting Work, Recognition For Doing A Good Job, And Being Let In On Things That Are Going On In The Company.

Zig Ziglar


What Is Success? I Think It Is A Mixture Of Having A Flair For The Thing That You Are Doing; Knowing That It Is Not Enough, That You Have Got To Have Hard Work And A Certain Sense Of Purpose.

Margaret Thatcher


On The Broad Spectrum Of Solitude, I Lean Toward The Extreme End: I Work Alone, As Well As Live Alone, So I Can Pass An Entire Day Without Uttering So Much As A Hello To Another Human Being. Sometimes A Day’s Conversation Consists Of Only Five Words, Uttered At The Local Starbucks: ‘Large Coffee With Milk, Please.’

Caroline Knapp


Passion Is Needed For Any Great Work, And For The Revolution, Passion And Audacity Are Required In Big Doses.

Che Guevara


Work Hard. And Have Patience. Because No Matter Who You Are, You’re Going To Get Hurt In Your Career And You Have To Be Patient To Get Through The Injuries.

Randy Johnson


Decide What You Want, Decide What You Are Willing To Exchange For It. Establish Your Priorities And Go To Work.

  1. L. Hunt


Good Leadership Consists Of Showing Average People How To Do The Work Of Superior People.

John D. Rockefeller


I Know Of No Single Formula For Success. But Over The Years I Have Observed That Some Attributes Of Leadership Are Universal And Are Often About Finding Ways Of Encouraging People To Combine Their Efforts, Their Talents, Their Insights, Their Enthusiasm And Their Inspiration To Work Together.

Queen Elizabeth II


Whenever You Have Taken Up Work In Hand, You Must See It To The Finish. That Is The Ultimate Secret Of Success. Never, Never, Never Give Up!

Dada Vaswani


Good Luck Happens To People Who Work Hard For It. Sometimes People Just Fall Into The Honey Pot, But I’ve Consistently Strived To Create Whatever Good Fortune I Can Get In My Life – And Consistently Strive Just As Hard Not To Screw It Up Once I Have It!

Patrick Duffy


Education Must Not Simply Teach Work – It Must Teach Life.

  1. E. B. Du Bois


The Idea That To Make A Man Work You’ve Got To Hold Gold In Front Of His Eyes Is A Growth, Not An Axiom. We’ve Done That For So Long That We’ve Forgotten There’s Any Other Way.

  1. Scott Fitzgerald


Dancers Are A Work Of Art – They Are The Canvas On Which Their Work Is Painted.

Patrick Duffy


If You Want To Build A Ship, Don’t Drum Up People To Collect Wood And Don’t Assign Them Tasks And Work, But Rather Teach Them To Long For The Endless Immensity Of The Sea.

Antoine De Saint-Exupery


The Invisible Dilemma Is That Men Face The Very Real Problem That They Don’t Feel Comfortable Bringing These Issues Up And They Tend Not To Be Acknowledged At Work.

James Levine


It’s Not The Work Which Kills People, It’s The Worry. It’s Not The Revolution That Destroys Machinery It’s The Friction.

Henry Ward Beecher


Self-Knowledge Is Essential Not Only To Writing, But To Doing Almost Anything Really Well. It Allows You To Work Through From A Deep Place – From The Deep, Dark Corners Of Your Subconscious Mind.

Meg Rosoff


Problems Are Only Opportunities In Work Clothes.

Henry J. Kaiser



Through Hard Work, Perseverance And A Faith In God, You Can Live Your Dreams.

Ben Carson


When Your Hobbies Get In The Way Of Your Work – That’s OK; But When Your Hobbies Get In The Way Of Themselves… Well.

Steve Martin


If People Want To Know Who I Am, It Is All In The Work.

Alan Rickman


I’m Totally Into New Age And Self-Help Books. I Used To Work In A Bookstore And That’s The Section They Gave Me, And I Got Way Into It. I Just Loved The Power Of Positive Thinking, Letting Yourself Go.

Jason Mraz


I Train In The Mornings, And I’ll Eat Two Breakfasts. I’ll Have Waffles With Flax Seed And Almond Butter And One Egg Scrambled. Then I’ll Work Out And Have A Second Breakfast – Another Egg Or A Protein Shake. Within A Half-Hour To 40 Minutes After A Workout, That’s When You Want To Load Up On Protein.

Justin Timberlake


When I Am Wrong, I Will Learn The Lesson And Move On To Face Other Challenges. For Me, That’s What Creating Your Own Life Is. Doing Your Best Work While Being Your Best Self.

Jennifer Lopez


The Greatest Education In The World Is Watching The Masters At Work.

Michael Jackson


The Work Of Art Is Always Unfaithful To Its Creator… Art Lays At A Higher Level; It Says Something More, And Almost Always, It Says Something Different From What The Artist Wanted To Say.

Octavio Paz


Emotion Resulting From A Work Of Art Is Only Of Value When It Is Not Obtained By Sentimental Blackmail.

Jean Cocteau


I Love To Bring Humour Into My Work. Because Comedy Is Not A Huge Part Of The Art World. And Big-Business Film Takes Itself Very Seriously.

James Franco


Romance Is Alive And Well In America, But The 50 Percent Who Can’t Make It Work Fail Because Of Selfishness. It Gets Down To That. You Can’t Oversimplify It Because Every Situation Is So Complex.

Donny Osmond


If We Could Get Your Subconscious Mind To Agree With Your Conscious Mind About Being Happy, That’s When Your Positive Thoughts Work.

Bruce Lipton


I Have Been Lucky Enough To Work With The World’s Best Designers And Top Stylists – Who Have Been My Mentors.

Alessandra Ambrosio


Balancing Family And Work Is A Top Priority For Me, And I Treat It As Such. Meaning, I Actually Put Specific Family Time And Events In My Calendar So That Precious Time Is Dedicated And Properly Blocked Off From Any Work That May Try To Sneak Its Way Into My Schedule.

Biz Stone


We Don’t Need Mandatory, Non-Sectarian Prayers Read Over The Loudspeaker To ‘Put God Back In Schools.’ God Never Left The Schools. God Is Still At Work Through The Hundreds Of Thousands Of Gifted Teachers And Administrators, Committed Parents, And Passionate Volunteers Who Seek To Help Give Our Children ‘A Future With Hope.’

Adam Hamilton


I’m Not Like Most Designers, Who Have To Set Sail On An Exotic Getaway To Get Inspired. Most Of The Time, It’s On My Walk To Work, Or Sitting In The Subway And Seeing Something Random Or Out Of Context.

Alexander Wang


The Potential Elite Runner Must Realize That Hard Means Hard, Easy Means Easy And They Must Patiently Seek Out What Combinations Work For Them. They Have To Learn To Be Persistent And Patient With Their Training And Racing.

Frank Shorter


Studies Have Shown That Inmate Participation In Education, Vocational And Job Training, Prison Work Skills Development, Drug Abuse, Mental Health And Other Treatment Programs, All Reduce Recidivism, Significantly.

Bobby Scott


The Beginning Of A Friendship, The Fact That Two People Out Of The Thousands Around Them Can Meet And Connect And Become Friends, Seems Like A Kind Of Magic To Me. But Maintaining A Friendship Requires Work. I Don’t Mean That As A Bad Thing. Good Art Requires Work As Well.

Charles De Lint


In Some Old Testament Books, It’s Very Evident That An Editor Has Been At Work. That’s Quite All Right. It’s Part Of The Process.

  1. I. Packer


We Should Conceive Of Ourselves Not As Rulers Of Earth, But As Highly Powerful, Conscious Stewards: The Earth Is Given To Us In Trust, And We Can Screw It Up Or Make It Work Well And Sustainably.

Kim Stanley Robinson


The Rest Of My Work, Besides Sketching And Keeping A Diary, Which Was The Most Troublesome Of All, Consisted In Making Geological And Zoological Collections.

John Hanning Speke



My Work Is A Game, A Very Serious Game.

  1. C. Escher


I Am Very Proud Of My Mom And Consider Her The Most Courageous Woman I Know. With Perseverance, Sacrifice And Hard Work, She Raised A Family Of Olympic Athletes And Gave Us The Tools And The Spirit To Succeed. That Is Something That My Brothers And I Will Always Be Thankful For.

Diana Lopez


What Moves Those Of Genius, What Inspires Their Work Is Not New Ideas, But Their Obsession With The Idea That What Has Already Been Said Is Still Not Enough.

Eugene Delacroix


I Give Thanks Everyday That I’ve Been Able To Take My Craziness And Make It Work For Me.

Fritz Scholder