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You Have To Think Anyway, So Why Not Think Big?
-Donald Trump

Leadership Quotes On Big Imagination By Donald Trump
Leadership Quotes On Big Imagination By Donald Trump

Leadership Cannot Really Be Taught. It Can Only Be Learned.
-Harold S. Geneen

Quotes Describe Leadership Only Be Learned By Harold S. Geneen
Quotes Describe Leadership Only Be Learned By Harold S. Geneen

People Buy Into The Leader Before They Buy Into The Vision.
-John C. Maxwell

Leadership Quotes On People And Their Vision By John C. Maxwell
Leadership Quotes On People And Their Vision By John C. Maxwell

No Man Will Make A Great Leader Who Wants To Do It All Himself Or Get All The Credit For Doing It.
-Andrew Carnegie

Quotes Describe Qualities Of Leadership By Andrew Carnegie
Quotes Describe Qualities Of Leadership By Andrew Carnegie

Management Is About Arranging And Telling. Leadership Is About Nurturing And Enhancing.
-Tom Peters

Quotes Define Leadership And Management By Tom Peters
Quotes Define Leadership And Management By Tom Peters

Time Is Neutral And Does Not Change Things. With Courage And Initiative, Leaders Change Things.
-Jesse Jackson

Quotes About Leader's Ability On Changes By Jesse Jackson
Quotes About Leader’s Ability On Changes By Jesse Jackson

Today A Reader, Tomorrow A Leader.
-Margaret Fuller

Leadership Quotes On Reader By Margaret Fuller
Leadership Quotes On Reader By Margaret Fuller

Leadership Is Influence.
-John C. Maxwell

Quotes Refer On Meaning Of Leadership By John C. Maxwell
Quotes Refer On Meaning Of Leadership By John C. Maxwell

The Speed Of The Leader Is The Speed Of The Gang.
-Mary Kay Ash

Quotes On The Relationship Of Leader And Team By Mary Kay Ash
Quotes On The Relationship Of Leader And Team By Mary Kay Ash

Great Companies In The Way They Work, Start With Great Leaders.
-Steve Ballmer

Leadership Quotes On Great Companies By Steve Ballmer
Leadership Quotes On Great Companies By Steve Ballmer

I Am A General. My Soldiers Are The Keys And I Have To Command Them.

Vladimir Horowitz


The First Man Gets The Oyster, The Second Man Gets The Shell.

Andrew Carnegie


Hold Yourself Responsible For A Higher Standard Than Anybody Expects Of You. Never Excuse Yourself.

Henry Ward Beecher



To Succeed, One Must Be Creative And Persistent.

John H. Johnson



Doing Is A Quantum Leap From Imagining.

Barbara Sher


What Helps People, Helps Business.

Leo Burnett


The Sharp Employ The Sharp.

Douglas William Jerrold



Example Is Leadership.

Albert Schweitzer


A Leader Does Not Deserve The Name Unless He Is Willing Occasionally To Stand Alone.

Henry A. Kissinger


Everyone Who’s Ever Taken A Shower Has An Idea. It’s The Person Who Gets Out Of The Shower, Dries Off And Does Something About It Who Makes A Difference.

Nolan Bushnell


A Man Who Wants To Lead The Orchestra Must Turn His Back On The Crowd.

Max Lucado


To Succeed In Business It Is Necessary To Make Others See Things As You See Them.

Aristotle Onassis


A Leader Who Doesn’t Hesitate Before He Sends His Nation Into Battle Is Not Fit To Be A Leader.

Golda Meir



If You Care Enough For A Result, You Will Most Certainly Attain It.

William James


Go As Far As You Can See; When You Get There, You’ll Be Able To See Farther.

  1. P. Morgan


Leadership Does Not Depend On Being Right.

Ivan Illich


Be Careful The Environment You Choose For It Will Shape You; Be Careful The Friends You Choose For You Will Become Like Them.

  1. Clement Stone


Leadership To Me Means Duty, Honor, Country. It Means Character, And It Means Listening From Time To Time.

George W. Bush


One Must Be Convinced To Convince, To Have Enthusiasm To Stimulate The Others.

Stefan Zweig


There Are Three Secrets To Managing. The First Secret Is Have Patience. The Second Is Be Patient. And The Third Most Important Secret Is Patience.

Chuck Tanner


The Key To Being A Good Manager Is Keeping The People Who Hate Me Away From Those Who Are Still Undecided.

Casey Stengel


I Have Always Supported Measures And Principles And Not Men.

Davy Crockett


If You Command Wisely, You’ll Be Obeyed Cheerfully.

Thomas Fuller


Clarity Affords Focus.

Thomas Leonard


Every Act Of Conscious Learning Requires The Willingness To Suffer An Injury To One’s Self-Esteem. That Is Why Young Children, Before They Are Aware Of Their Own Self-Importance, Learn So Easily.

Thomas Szasz


Strong Convictions Precede Great Actions.

James Freeman Clarke


I Don’t Know Any Other Way To Lead But By Example.

Don Shula


Our Business In Life Is Not To Get Ahead Of Others, But To Get Ahead Of Ourselves.

  1. Joseph Cossman


Leaders Must Encourage Their Organizations To Dance To Forms Of Music Yet To Be Heard.

Warren Bennis


Leaders Have To Act More Quickly Today. The Pressure Comes Much Faster.

Andy Grove


A Man Always Has Two Reasons For Doing Anything: A Good Reason And The Real Reason.

  1. P. Morgan


It Is, After All, The Responsibility Of The Expert To Operate The Familiar And That Of The Leader To Transcend It.

Henry A. Kissinger


Get The Best People And Train Them Well.

Scott Mcnealy


The Nicest Thing About Standards Is That There Are So Many Of Them To Choose From.

Ken Olsen


In Fair Weather Prepare For Foul.

Thomas Fuller


The Real Leader Has No Need To Lead – He Is Content To Point The Way.

Henry Miller


No Wind Serves Him Who Addresses His Voyage To No Certain Port.

Michel De Montaigne


Leaders Grasp Nettles.

David Ogilvy


You’re Only As Good As The People You Hire.

Ray Kroc


You Have To Have Your Heart In The Business And The Business In Your Heart.

An Wang


You Have No Power At All If You Do Not Exercise Constant Power.

Major Owens


If You Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Men, Give Them A Break! Don’t Make Them Work Completely In The Dark. If You Do, They Won’t Do A Bit More Than They Have To. But If They Comprehend, They’ll Work Like Mad.

Chesty Puller





Leadership Is Not About The Next Election, It’s About The Next Generation.

Simon Sinek


Sitting At A Candidate Rally Is Similar To Sitting In A Ballyard. Both Give You The Opportunity To Assess The Technical Metrics And Reflect On The Intangibles – What Baseball Calls ‘Make Up’ And Politics Calls ‘Character’ – The Leadership, Talent And Maturity To Add Value To A Venture.

Christine Pelosi


A Good Cult Delivers On Its Promises. A Good Cult Nourishes The Needs Of Its Members, Has Transparency And Integrity, And Creates Provisions For Challenging Its Leadership Openly. A Good Cult Expands The Freedoms And Well-Being Of Its Members Rather Than Limits Them.

Philip Zimbardo


The Signs Of Outstanding Leadership Appear Primarily Among The Followers. Are The Followers Reaching Their Potential? Are They Learning? Serving? Do They Achieve The Required Results? Do They Change With Grace? Manage Conflict?

Max De Pree


Leadership Consists Not In Degrees Of Technique But In Traits Of Character; It Requires Moral Rather Than Athletic Or Intellectual Effort, And It Imposes On Both Leader And Follower Alike The Burdens Of Self-Restraint.

Lewis H. Lapham


Leadership Is Getting Someone To Do What They Don’t Want To Do, To Achieve What They Want To Achieve.

Tom Landry


One Of The Lessons Of Leadership Worth Emphasizing Is That You Want To Get To Know Other Great Leaders And Take Their Advice. At Some Point In Your Development, It’s Only People Who’ve Been In The Seat Of Having To Be Leaders Who Can Help You In A Deep Way.

Jim Yong Kim


Most Businesses Think That Product Is The Most Important Thing, But Without Great Leadership, Mission And A Team That Deliver Results At A High Level, Even The Best Product Won’t Make A Company Successful.

Robert Kiyosaki


Leadership Is About Being A Servant First.

Allen West


Leadership Is Working With Goals And Vision; Management Is Working With Objectives.

Russel Honore


To Have Long Term Success As A Coach Or In Any Position Of Leadership, You Have To Be Obsessed In Some Way.

Pat Riley


Leadership Is A Privilege To Better The Lives Of Others. It Is Not An Opportunity To Satisfy Personal Greed.

Mwai Kibaki


You Learn Far More From Negative Leadership Than From Positive Leadership. Because You Learn How Not To Do It. And, Therefore, You Learn How To Do It.

Norman Schwarzkopf


Vocational Education Programs Have Made A Real Difference In The Lives Of Countless Young People Nationwide; They Build Self-Confidence And Leadership Skills By Allowing Students To Utilize Their Unique Gifts And Talents.

Conrad Burns


But The Person Who Scored Well On An SAT Will Not Necessarily Be The Best Doctor Or The Best Lawyer Or The Best Businessman. These Tests Do Not Measure Character, Leadership, Creativity, Perseverance.

William Julius Wilson


No Institution Can Possibly Survive If It Needs Geniuses Or Supermen To Manage It. It Must Be Organized In Such A Way As To Be Able To Get Along Under A Leadership Composed Of Average Human Beings.

Peter Drucker


We Need Leadership That Can Elevate Religion And Morality To Their Position Of Paramount Importance And Thus Eliminate Growing Selfishness, Immorality And Materialism.

George W. Romney


In Order To Cultivate A Set Of Leaders With Legitimacy In The Eyes Of The Citizenry, It Is Necessary That The Path To Leadership Be Visibly Open To Talented And Qualified Individuals Of Every Race And Ethnicity.

Sandra Day O’Connor


Well, I Think That – I Think Leadership’s Always Been About Two Main Things: Imagination And Courage.

Paul Keating


The 9/11 Commission Recently Released Their Report, Citing Important Changes Which Need To Be Made To Improve Our Nation’s Homeland Security. I Voiced My Disappointment With The House Leadership When This Report Was Left Until After The August Recess For Action.

Leonard Boswell


The Very Essence Of Leadership Is That You Have To Have Vision. You Can’t Blow An Uncertain Trumpet.

Theodore Hesburgh


A Leadership Culture Is One Where Everyone Thinks Like An Owner, A CEO Or A Managing Director. It’s One Where Everyone Is Entrepreneurial And Proactive.

Robin S. Sharma


At That Time, The Army Leadership Said The Implementation Of This Agreement Would Allow Everyone, Including The IRA, To Take Its Political Objectives Forward By Peaceful And Democratic Means.

Gerry Adams


The Key To Successful Leadership Today Is Influence, Not Authority.

Ken Blanchard


I’d Like To See Where Boys And Girls End Up If They Get Equal Encouragement – I Think We Might Have Some Differences In How Leadership Is Done.

Sheryl Sandberg


The Person Who Takes The Oath Of Office In The Next Four Months Will Shape Not Just The Next Four Years, But The Next Forty Years Of Our Nation. In These Next Four Years, We Need Proven Leadership, Proven Judgment And Proven Values. America Needs Four More Years Of President Barack Obama.

Rahm Emanuel



I Think Leadership Is Most Effective When It’s Your Own Personality. But I Feel Like It’s A Natural Progression As A Quarterback, As Well.

Andrew Luck


My Father’s Values And Vision Of This Country Obviously Form Everything I Have As Values And Ideals. But This Is Not The Ghost Of My Father Running For The Leadership Of The Liberal Party. This Is Me.

Justin Trudeau


Inspirational Leaders Need To Have A Winning Mentality In Order To Inspire Respect. It Is Hard To Trust In The Leadership Of Someone Who Is Half-Hearted About Their Purpose, Or Only Sporadic In Focus Or Enthusiasm.

Sebastian Coe


I Hope Telling The Story Of How I Went From Being A Single Mom To Serving In The Texas State Senate To Running For Governor Will Remind Others That With The Right Leadership In Government, Where You Start Has Nothing To Do With How Far You Go.

Wendy Davis


Uncertainty Is A Permanent Part Of The Leadership Landscape. It Never Goes Away.

Andy Stanley


Character In Leadership Is The Most Important Balance For Leadership. Without Character, Leaders Have No Safety. Leadership Has No Protection Without Character.

Myles Munroe


The Topic Of Leadership Is A Touchy One. A Lot Of Leaders Fail Because They Don’t Have The Bravery To Touch That Nerve Or Strike That Chord. Throughout My Years, I Haven’t Had That Fear.

Kobe Bryant


I Think For Me, Or For Anyone Who Plays The Quarterback Position, It’s Almost An Unspoken Word When You Think About Leadership. Some Guys Can Be A Leader And Be A Running Back Or A Lineman, Or Wide Receiver, Strong Safety, Or Linebacker. But When You Speak Of Quarterbacks, It’s Automatically A Default That You’re Supposed To Be A Leader.

Cam Newton


No Matter How Good You Think You Are As A Leader, My Goodness, The People Around You Will Have All Kinds Of Ideas For How You Can Get Better. So For Me, The Most Fundamental Thing About Leadership Is To Have The Humility To Continue To Get Feedback And To Try To Get Better – Because Your Job Is To Try To Help Everybody Else Get Better.

Jim Yong Kim


There Are Good Leaders Who Actively Guide And Bad Leaders Who Actively Misguide. Hence, Leadership Is About Persuasion, Presentation And People Skills.

Shiv Khera


Leadership Is A Matter Of Having People Look At You And Gain Confidence, Seeing How You React. If You’re In Control, They’re In Control.

Tom Landry


In Giving Us Children, God Places Us In A Position Of Both Leadership And Service. He Calls Us To Give Up Our Lives For Someone Else’s Sake – To Abandon Our Own Desires And Put Our Child’s Interests First. Yet, According To His Perfect Design, It Is Through This Selflessness That We Can Become Truly Fulfilled.

Charles Stanley


I Think Leadership Is Knowing What You Want To Achieve And Then Purposefully And Sensibly Taking Steps To Achieve It, Remembering Always That You Have Got To Bring People With You If You Are Seeking To Be A Successful Political Leader.

Tony Abbott


As A Woman Leader, I Thought I Brought A Different Kind Of Leadership. I Was Interested In Women’s Issues, In Bringing Down The Population Growth Rate… As A Woman, I Entered Politics With An Additional Dimension – That Of A Mother.

Benazir Bhutto


True Leadership Lies In Guiding Others To Success. In Ensuring That Everyone Is Performing At Their Best, Doing The Work They Are Pledged To Do And Doing It Well.

Bill Owens


At The Heart Of Great Leadership Is A Curious Mind, Heart, And Spirit.

Chip Conley


We Have Treated Our Most Serious Adversaries, Such As Iran And North Korea, In The Most Juvenile Manner – By Giving Them The Silent Treatment. In So Doing, We Have Weakened, Not Strengthened, Our Bargaining Position And Our Leadership.

Theodore C. Sorensen


The Task Of Leadership Is Not To Put Greatness Into Humanity, But To Elicit It, For The Greatness Is Already There.

John Buchan


You Have To Enable And Empower People To Make Decisions Independent Of You. As I’ve Learned, Each Person On A Team Is An Extension Of Your Leadership; If They Feel Empowered By You They Will Magnify Your Power To Lead.

Tom Ridge


Leadership Is, Among Other Things, The Ability To Inflict Pain And Get Away With It – Short-Term Pain For Long-Term Gain.

George Will


Divorced From Ethics, Leadership Is Reduced To Management And Politics To Mere Technique.

James Macgregor Burns


There’s The Assumption Being Made By The National Security Advisers To The Obama Administration That The North Korean Leadership Is Not Suicidal, That They Know They Will Be Obliterated If They Attacked The United States. But I Would Point That Everything In South Korea And Japan Is Well Within Range Of What They Might Want To Do.

Oliver North


Leadership Is All About Taking People On A Journey. The Challenge Is That Most Of The Time, We Are Asking People To Follow Us To Places We Ourselves Have Never Been.

Andy Stanley


If There Is Such A Thing As Good Leadership, It Is To Give A Good Example. I Have To Do So For All The Ikea Employees.

Ingvar Kamprad


Leadership Must Be Likeable, Affable, Cordial, And Above All Emotional. The Fashion Of Authoritarian Leadership Is Gone. Football Is About Life. You Can’t Be Angry All Day.

Vicente Del Bosque


We Should See The Leadership From The White House Setting Dates Certain For Certain Goals Of Achieving Greater Alliance On Alternative And Renewable Energy Sources, But We Are Not.

Ron Kind