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Happiness Never Lays Its Finger On Its Pulse.
-Adam Smith

Truthful Quotes On Happiness By Adam Smith
Truthful Quotes On Happiness By Adam Smith

Satisfaction Of One’s Curiosity Is One Of The Greatest Sources Of Happiness In Life.
-Linus Pauling

Happiness Quotes On Satisfaction In Life By Linus Pauling
Happiness Quotes On Satisfaction In Life By Linus Pauling

Happiness Is Good Health And A Bad Memory.
-Ingrid Bergman

Best Quotes Describe Happiness By Ingrid Bergman
Best Quotes Describe Happiness By Ingrid Bergman

That Should Be The Measure Of Success For Everyone. It’s Not Money, It’s Not Fame, It’s Not Celebrity; My Index Of Success Is Happiness.
-Lupe Fiasco

Quotes Describe Success As Happiness By Lupe Fiasco
Quotes Describe Success As Happiness By Lupe Fiasco

All Who Joy Would Win Must Share It. Happiness Was Born A Twin.
-Lord Byron

Happiness Quotes about Sharing joy By Lord Byron
Happiness Quotes about Sharing joy By Lord Byron

Real Happiness Is Cheap Enough, Yet How Dearly We Pay For Its Counterfeit.
-Hosea Ballou

Quotes On The Value For Happiness By Hosea Ballou
Quotes On The Value For Happiness By Hosea Ballou

Happiness Depends More On How Life Strikes You Than On What Happens.
-Andy Rooney

Quotes By Andy Rooney About Happiness On Life
Quotes By Andy Rooney About Happiness On Life

How Easy To Be Amiable In The Midst Of Happiness And Success.
-William Ellery Channing

Happiness Quotes On Success By William Ellery Channing
Happiness Quotes On Success By William Ellery Channing

Happiness Isn’t Something You Experience; It’s Something You Remember.
-Oscar Levant

Happiness Quotes About Remembrance By Oscar Levant
Happiness Quotes About Remembrance By Oscar Levant

Happiness Is The Only Good. The Time To Be Happy Is Now. The Place To Be Happy Is Here. The Way To Be Happy Is To Make Others So.
-Robert Green Ingersoll

Quotes Describe When Where And How Make Happiness By Robert Green Ingersoll
Quotes Describe When Where And How Make Happiness By Robert Green Ingersoll

If You Have Easy Self-Contentment, You Might Have A Very, Very Cheap Source Of Happiness.

-Leon Kass


Now And Then It’s Good To Pause In Our Pursuit Of Happiness And Just Be Happy.

Guillaume Apollinaire


To Be Able To Throw One’s Self Away For The Sake Of A Moment, To Be Able To Sacrifice Years For A Woman’s Smile – That Is Happiness.

Hermann Hesse


What We Call The Secret Of Happiness Is No More A Secret Than Our Willingness To Choose Life.

Leo Buscaglia


Happiness Seems Made To Be Shared.

Pierre Corneille


Always Leave Something To Wish For; Otherwise You Will Be Miserable From Your Very Happiness.

Baltasar Gracian




Plenty Of People Miss Their Share Of Happiness, Not Because They Never Found It, But Because They Didn’t Stop To Enjoy It.

William Feather


I Am A Kind Of Paranoid In Reverse. I Suspect People Of Plotting To Make Me Happy.

  1. D. Salinger


Happiness In This World, When It Comes, Comes Incidentally. Make It The Object Of Pursuit, And It Leads Us A Wild-Goose Chase, And Is Never Attained. Follow Some Other Object, And Very Possibly We May Find That We Have Caught Happiness Without Dreaming Of It.

Nathaniel Hawthorne



There Is No Worse Sorrow Than Remembering Happiness In The Day Of Sorrow.

Alfred De Musset


Happiness? A Good Cigar, A Good Meal, A Good Cigar And A Good Woman – Or A Bad Woman; It Depends On How Much Happiness You Can Handle.

George Burns


Happiness Is Spiritual, Born Of Truth And Love. It Is Unselfish; Therefore It Cannot Exist Alone, But Requires All Mankind To Share It.

Mary Baker Eddy


Happiness Makes Up In Height For What It Lacks In Length.

Robert Frost


The Secret Of Happiness Is Something To Do.

John Burroughs


There Is Only One Way To Happiness And That Is To Cease Worrying About Things Which Are Beyond The Power Of Our Will.



The Secret Of Happiness Is To Admire Without Desiring.

Carl Sandburg


Don’t Wait Around For Other People To Be Happy For You. Any Happiness You Get You’ve Got To Make Yourself.

Alice Walker


Life In Common Among People Who Love Each Other Is The Ideal Of Happiness.

George Sand


All Happiness Or Unhappiness Solely Depends Upon The Quality Of The Object To Which We Are Attached By Love.

Baruch Spinoza


The Happiest People Seem To Be Those Who Have No Particular Cause For Being Happy Except That They Are So.

William Ralph Inge


Happiness Is No Laughing Matter.

Richard Whately


It Is Only To The Happy That Tears Are A Luxury.

Thomas Moore


The Action Is Best That Secures The Greatest Happiness For The Greatest Number.

William Dean Howells


Research Has Shown That The Best Way To Be Happy Is To Make Each Day Happy.

Deepak Chopra


In Order To Have Great Happiness You Have To Have Great Pain And Unhappiness – Otherwise How Would You Know When You’re Happy?

Leslie Caron


There Is Happiness In Duty, Although It May Not Seem So.

Jose Marti


Happiness Is Mostly A By-Product Of Doing What Makes Us Feel Fulfilled.

Benjamin Spock


Happiness Does Not Consist In Self-Love.

Joseph Butler


There Is Something Curiously Boring About Somebody Else’s Happiness.

Aldous Huxley


Only Man Clogs His Happiness With Care, Destroying What Is With Thoughts Of What May Be.

John Dryden


To Buy Happiness Is To Sell Soul.

Douglas Horton


Life Everlasting In A State Of Happiness Is The Greatest Desire Of All Men.

Joseph Franklin Rutherford


Happiness Is A Virtue, Not Its Reward.

Baruch Spinoza


Happiness Is A By-Product. You Cannot Pursue It By Itself.

Sam Levenson


Happiness Is Itself A Kind Of Gratitude.

Joseph Wood Krutch


To Attain Happiness In Another World We Need Only To Believe Something, While To Secure It In This World We Must Do Something.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman


The U. S. Constitution Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness, Only The Pursuit Of It. You Have To Catch Up With It Yourself.

Benjamin Franklin


Kind Words Produce Happiness. How Often Have We Ourselves Been Made Happy By Kind Words, In A Manner And To An Extent Which We Are Unable To Explain!

Frederick William Faber


Happiness Is A Continuation Of Happenings Which Are Not Resisted.

Deepak Chopra


Happiness Will Come From Materialism, Not From Meaning.

Andrei Platonov


Anything You’re Good At Contributes To Happiness.

Bertrand Russell


To Forget Oneself Is To Be Happy.

Robert Louis Stevenson


Happiness Is The Natural Flower Of Duty.

Phillips Brooks


Caring About Others, Running The Risk Of Feeling, And Leaving An Impact On People, Brings Happiness.

Harold Kushner


I Don’t Have To Chase Extraordinary Moments To Find Happiness – It’s Right In Front Of Me If I’m Paying Attention And Practicing Gratitude.

Brene Brown


Are You Bored With Life? Then Throw Yourself Into Some Work You Believe In With All Your Heart, Live For It, Die For It, And You Will Find Happiness That You Had Thought Could Never Be Yours.

Dale Carnegie


I Have Learned To Seek My Happiness By Limiting My Desires, Rather Than In Attempting To Satisfy Them.

John Stuart Mill


I Learned To Accept The Audience’s Happiness For Me, Which Is One Of The Hardest Things For Me To Learn.

Bette Midler


Most People In The Western World Grow Up With The Received Wisdom That Mozart Was A Genius. But Few People Necessarily Know Why. More Than Anyone Else, He Captured This Something Which Is The Human Condition, The Fine Line That We All Constantly Dance Between Joy And Pain, Between Absolute Happiness And Absolute Heartbreak.

Charles Hazlewood


I Keep Mementos From Everything I’ve Done. I’ve Got My Cab Driver’s License From ‘Happiness.’ I’ve Got A Pair Of Glasses And A Belt Buckle From Playing John Lennon. I’ve Got A Pair Of Sunglasses From Playing Andy Warhol… It’s All In A Box In The Garage.

Jared Harris


Happiness Is Like A Cat, If You Try To Coax It Or Call It, It Will Avoid You; It Will Never Come. But If You Pay Not Attention To It And Go About Your Business, You’ll Find It Rubbing Against Your Legs And Jumping Into Your Lap.

William Bennett


Happiness Isn’t Happiness Unless There’s A Violin-Playing Goat.

Julia Roberts


Within The Walls Of Our Own Homes, We Can And Should Bear Pure Testimony Of The Divinity And Reality Of The Father And The Son, Of The Great Plan Of Happiness, And Of The Restoration.

David A. Bednar


There Is No End Of Craving. Hence Contentment Alone Is The Best Way To Happiness. Therefore, Acquire Contentment.

Swami Sivananda


Now An Infinite Happiness Cannot Be Purchased By Any Price Less Than That Which Is Infinite In Value; And Infinity Of Merit Can Only Result From A Nature That Is Infinitely Divine Or Perfect.

Adam Clarke


If You Are Kept In Ignorance Of The True Way And Permit Yourself To Rely Upon And Be Guided By The Opinion Of Imperfect Man, You Can Never Gain The Riches That Will Bring You Peace And Lasting Happiness.

Joseph Franklin Rutherford


Happiness Is Being On The Beam With Life – To Feel The Pull Of Life.

Agnes Martin


Every Man Judges His Own Happiness And Satisfaction With Life In Terms Of His Possession Or Lack Of Possession Of Those Things That He Considers Worthwhile And Valuable.

Meir Kahane


We Are Built To Conquer Environment, Solve Problems, Achieve Goals, And We Find No Real Satisfaction Or Happiness In Life Without Obstacles To Conquer And Goals To Achieve.

Maxwell Maltz


I Wanted To Understand Pain And The Human Condition, Which Is Full Of Pain And Regret And Sadness – And Some Happiness, If You’re Lucky.

Kim Cattrall


I’m Passionate About Everything, Like My Family And Friends. Anybody I Am Talkin’ To Is Gonna Be Bona Fide Real. There Is No Substitution For Happiness. Period.

Suge Knight


Happiness Comes From The Full Understanding Of Your Own Being.

Marina Abramovic


Happiness Is Always A Coincidence.

Jose Bergamin


Each Week, I Post A Video About Some ‘Pigeon Of Discontent’ Raised By A Reader. Because, As Much As We Try To Find The ‘Bluebird Of Happiness,’ We’re Also Plagued By Those Small But Pesky ‘Pigeons Of Discontent.’

Gretchen Rubin


Today, We Stand As A United Country And Are Much Closer To The Ideals Set Forth In Our Constitution That All Men Are Created Equal; That They Are Endowed By Their Creator With Certain Unalienable Rights; That Among These Are Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness.

Jim Ryun


Don’t Depend On A Guy For Your Happiness. You Have To Live Your Own Life And Do Your Own Thing. That’s When Good Things Come Around – When You Do Your Own Thing And You’re Not Worried About A Man. It Will Happen In Due Time.

Keke Palmer


You Know That Your Happiness And Suffering Depend On The Happiness And Suffering Of Others. That Insight Helps You Not To Do Wrong Things That Will Bring Suffering To Yourself And To Other People.

Thich Nhat Hanh


Happiness Isn’t Getting What You Want, It’s Wanting What You Got.

Garth Brooks


We All Have A Hungry Heart, And One Of The Things We Hunger For Is Happiness. So As Much As I Possibly Could, I Stayed Where I Was Happy.

Mary Oliver


It’s Up To You To Be Responsible For How You Feel If You’re Not Happy. Your Happiness Lies In Your Hands. You Can’t Rely On A Man To Make You Happy Or Complete You. That Starts With You.

Taraji P. Henson


The Pursuit Of Happiness Is A Most Ridiculous Phrase: If You Pursue Happiness You’ll Never Find It.

Carrie Snow


I Am More And More Convinced That Our Happiness Or Our Unhappiness Depends Far More On The Way We Meet The Events Of Life Than On The Nature Of Those Events Themselves.

Wilhelm Von Humboldt


Happiness In The Present Is Only Shattered By Comparison With The Past.

Douglas Horton


You Have To Be Sincere In Your Feelings. And Fear Is One Of Those, Sometimes; Doubt Is One Of Those; Jealousy, Anger – All Your Emotions Are Not Going To Be Considered The Strong Emotions; All Of Them Are Not Going To Be Love, Happiness, Joy.



The Discovery Of A New Dish Confers More Happiness On Humanity, Than The Discovery Of A New Star.

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin


We Need Fundamental Change. In The Past, National Development Led To People’s Happiness But Now The Link Between National Growth And Improvement In People’s Lives Has Been Severed.

Park Geun-Hye


How Often We Fail To Realize Our Good Fortune In Living In A Country Where Happiness Is More Than A Lack Of Tragedy.

Paul Sweeney


Even If Happiness Forgets You A Little Bit, Never Completely Forget About It.

Jacques Prevert


Nothing Flatters A Man As Much As The Happiness Of His Wife; He Is Always Proud Of Himself As The Source Of It.

Samuel Johnson


The Mantra That You’re Given In Transcendental Meditation You Keep To Yourself. The Reason Being, True Happiness Is Not Out There, True Happiness Lies Within.

David Lynch


Suspicion Is Not Less An Enemy To Virtue Than To Happiness; He That Is Already Corrupt Is Naturally Suspicious, And He That Becomes Suspicious Will Quickly Be Corrupt.

Joseph Addison


Being Of Service To Others Is What Brings True Happiness.

Marie Osmond


Happiness Is Only Real When Shared.

Christopher Mccandless


Perfect Happiness Is A Beautiful Sunset, The Giggle Of A Grandchild, The First Snowfall. It’s The Little Things That Make Happy Moments, Not The Grand Events. Joy Comes In Sips, Not Gulps.

Sharon Draper


To Be Perfectly Happy It Does Not Suffice To Possess Happiness, It Is Necessary To Have Deserved It.

Victor Hugo


Actions Are Right In Proportion As They Tend To Promote Happiness; Wrong As They Tend To Produce The Reverse Of Happiness. By Happiness Is Intended Pleasure And The Absence Of Pain.

John Stuart Mill


I’m Just Living Each Day, And I’m Better Equipped To Do So. I Mean, I Used To Be Totally Afraid, I Used To Have, Like, Permanent Stage Fright. But Now I’m Trying To Have Fun. I’m Trying To Bring As Much Happiness To As Many People As Possible.

Rivers Cuomo


Life Finds Its Purpose And Fulfillment In The Expansion Of Happiness.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Remember That Happiness Is As Contagious As Gloom. It Should Be The First Duty Of Those Who Are Happy To Let Others Know Of Their Gladness.

Maurice Maeterlinck


Man Is Never Always Happy, And Very Often Only A Brief Period Of Happiness Is Granted Him In This World; So Why Escape From This Dream Which Cannot Last Long?

Frederic Chopin


It Is Easily And Often Overlooked That When Thomas Jefferson Asserted That Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness Were Inalienable Human Rights, He Did So On The Ground That They Had Been Endowed By God, Our Creator.

Tom Stoppard


There Is Nothing, Sir, Too Little For So Little A Creature As Man. It Is By Studying Little Things That We Attain The Great Art Of Having As Little Misery And As Much Happiness As Possible.

Samuel Johnson


If Virtue Promises Happiness, Prosperity And Peace, Then Progress In Virtue Is Progress In Each Of These For To Whatever Point The Perfection Of Anything Brings Us, Progress Is Always An Approach Toward It.



The World Tells Us In A Thousand Different Ways That The Bigger We Become, The Freer We Will Be. The Richer, The More Beautiful, And The More Powerful We Grow, The More Security, Liberty, And Happiness We Will Experience. And Yet, The Gospel Tells Us Just The Opposite, That The Smaller We Become, The Freer We Will Be.

Tullian Tchividjian