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Success Isn’t Measured By Money Or Power Or Social Rank. Success Is Measured By Your Discipline And Inner Peace.
-Mike Ditka

Quotes About True Success By Mike Ditka
Quotes About True Success By Mike Ditka

There Is No Success Without Hardship.

Success Quotes On Importance Of Hardness By Sophocles
Success Quotes On Importance Of Hardness By Sophocles

Success Is Not A Good Teacher, Failure Makes You Humble.
-Shah Rukh Khan

Quotes Explain Success , Failure By Shah Rukh Khan
Quotes Explain Success , Failure By Shah Rukh Khan

Man Needs His Difficulties Because They Are Necessary To Enjoy Success.
-A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Success Quotes On Difficulties By A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
Success Quotes On Difficulties By A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

It’s The Steady, Quiet, Plodding Ones Who Win In The Lifelong Race.
-Robert W. Service

Quotes On Steps Following For Success By Robert W. Service
Quotes On Steps Following For Success By Robert W. Service

The Real Secret Of Success Is Enthusiasm.
-Walter Chrysler

Quotes Refer Secret Of Success By Walter Chrysler
Quotes Refer Secret Of Success By Walter Chrysler

The Ladder Of Success Is Best Climbed By Stepping On The Rungs Of Opportunity.
-Ayn Rand

Success Quotes On Opportunities By Ayn Rand
Success Quotes On Opportunities By Ayn Rand

Success Has A Simple Formula: Do Your Best, And People May Like It.
-Sam Ewing

Quotes About Simple Formula For Success By Sam Ewing
Quotes About Simple Formula For Success By Sam Ewing

The Greatest Sign Of Success For A Teacher… Is To Be Able To Say, ‘The Children Are Now Working As If I Did Not Exist.’
-Maria Montessori

Success Quotes On Teacher By Maria Montessori
Success Quotes On Teacher By Maria Montessori

Develop Success From Failures. Discouragement And Failure Are Two Of The Surest Stepping Stones To Success.
-Dale Carnegie

Success Quotes On Failure By Dale Carnegie
Success Quotes On Failure By Dale Carnegie

Formal Education Will Make You A Living; Self-Education Will Make You A Fortune.

-Jim Rohn


Definiteness Of Purpose Is The Starting Point Of All Achievement.

  1. Clement Stone


All Men’s Gains Are The Fruit Of Venturing.



The Size Of Your Success Is Measured By The Strength Of Your Desire; The Size Of Your Dream; And How You Handle Disappointment Along The Way.

Robert Kiyosaki


What’s Money? A Man Is A Success If He Gets Up In The Morning And Goes To Bed At Night And In Between Does What He Wants To Do.

Bob Dylan


If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again. Then Quit. There’s No Point In Being A Damn Fool About It.

  1. C. Fields


The Common Idea That Success Spoils People By Making Them Vain, Egotistic And Self-Complacent Is Erroneous; On The Contrary It Makes Them, For The Most Part, Humble, Tolerant And Kind.

  1. Somerset Maugham




Our Worldly Successes Cannot Be Guaranteed, But Our Ability To Achieve Spiritual Success Is Entirely Up To Us, Thanks To The Grace Of God. The Best Advice I Know Is To Give Is To Give Those Worldly Things Your Best But Never Your All – Reserve The Ultimate Hope For The Only One Who Can Grant It.

Mitt Romney



Success In Almost Any Field Depends More On Energy And Drive Than It Does On Intelligence. This Explains Why We Have So Many Stupid Leaders.

Sloan Wilson




As Kids We’re Not Taught How To Deal With Success; We’re Taught How To Deal With Failure. If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again. If At First You Succeed, Then What?

Charlie Sheen



Success Is Often The Result Of Taking A Misstep In The Right Direction.

Al Bernstein



In Order To Attain The Impossible, One Must Attempt The Absurd.

Miguel De Cervantes


Failure Is Not An Option. Everyone Has To Succeed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Most People Give Up Just When They’re About To Achieve Success. They Quit On The One Yard Line. They Give Up At The Last Minute Of The Game One Foot From A Winning Touchdown.

Ross Perot


If You Find It In Your Heart To Care For Somebody Else, You Will Have Succeeded.

Maya Angelou


To Know Even One Life Has Breathed Easier Because You Have Lived. This Is To Have Succeeded.

Bessie Anderson Stanley



Education Is The Key To Success In Life, And Teachers Make A Lasting Impact In The Lives Of Their Students.

Solomon Ortiz


Part Of The Secret Of A Success In Life Is To Eat What You Like And Let The Food Fight It Out Inside.

Mark Twain


Honesty And Loyalty Are Key. If Two People Can Be Honest With Each Other About Everything, That’s Probably The Biggest Key To Success.

Taylor Lautner


Growing Up In A Group Home, And With An Undiagnosed Learning Disability To Boot, The Odds Of Success Were Not On My Side. But When I Joined The High School Football Team, I Learned The Value Of Discipline, Focus, Persistence, And Teamwork – All Skills That Have Proven Vital To My Career As A C.E.O. And Social Entrepreneur.

Darell Hammond



Failure Is The Key To Success; Each Mistake Teaches Us Something.

Morihei Ueshiba


Character Cannot Be Developed In Ease And Quiet. Only Through Experience Of Trial And Suffering Can The Soul Be Strengthened, Ambition Inspired, And Success Achieved.

Helen Keller


Focused, Hard Work Is The Real Key To Success. Keep Your Eyes On The Goal, And Just Keep Taking The Next Step Towards Completing It. If You Aren’t Sure Which Way To Do Something, Do It Both Ways And See Which Works Better.

John Carmack


We Learned About Honesty And Integrity – That The Truth Matters… That You Don’t Take Shortcuts Or Play By Your Own Set Of Rules… And Success Doesn’t Count Unless You Earn It Fair And Square.

Michelle Obama


Patience, Persistence And Perspiration Make An Unbeatable Combination For Success.

Napoleon Hill


The Way A Team Plays As A Whole Determines Its Success. You May Have The Greatest Bunch Of Individual Stars In The World, But If They Don’t Play Together, The Club Won’t Be Worth A Dime.

Babe Ruth



The Only Place Success Comes Before Work Is In The Dictionary.

Vince Lombardi


Success Is Not A Destination, But The Road That You’re On. Being Successful Means That You’re Working Hard And Walking Your Walk Every Day. You Can Only Live Your Dream By Working Hard Towards It. That’s Living Your Dream.

Marlon Wayans


Humility Is The True Key To Success. Successful People Lose Their Way At Times. They Often Embrace And Overindulge From The Fruits Of Success. Humility Halts This Arrogance And Self-Indulging Trap. Humble People Share The Credit And Wealth, Remaining Focused And Hungry To Continue The Journey Of Success.

Rick Pitino


The Supreme Quality For Leadership Is Unquestionably Integrity. Without It, No Real Success Is Possible, No Matter Whether It Is On A Section Gang, A Football Field, In An Army, Or In An Office.

Dwight D. Eisenhower


Let Every Nation Know, Whether It Wishes Us Well Or Ill, That We Shall Pay Any Price, Bear Any Burden, Meet Any Hardship, Support Any Friend, Oppose Any Foe To Assure The Survival And The Success Of Liberty.

John F. Kennedy



Before Anything Else, Preparation Is The Key To Success.

Alexander Graham Bell


Every Day Is A New Opportunity. You Can Build On Yesterday’s Success Or Put Its Failures Behind And Start Over Again. That’s The Way Life Is, With A New Game Every Day, And That’s The Way Baseball Is.

Bob Feller


The First Step Toward Success Is Taken When You Refuse To Be A Captive Of The Environment In Which You First Find Yourself.

Mark Caine


Communication – The Human Connection – Is The Key To Personal And Career Success.

Paul J. Meyer


Ambition Is The Path To Success. Persistence Is The Vehicle You Arrive In.

Bill Bradley


Many Of Life’s Failures Are People Who Did Not Realize How Close They Were To Success When They Gave Up.

Thomas A. Edison


I’m A Forgiver. I Might Not Forget, But I Forgive. My Mother, Father And Older Brother Always Told Me: ‘Don’t Hold Grudges. If You Do That, You Don’t Lower Yourself Down To Your Adversary. Just Treat People The Way You Want To Be Treated.’ I Honestly Think That’s Why I Was Able To Survive And Have Some Success.

Monte Irvin


Learning And Innovation Go Hand In Hand. The Arrogance Of Success Is To Think That What You Did Yesterday Will Be Sufficient For Tomorrow.

William Pollard


I’m Not Going To Get Somewhere And Say, ‘OK, I’m Done.’ Success Is Never Final; I’ll Just Keep On Going. The Same Way As Failure Never Being Fatal. Just Keep Going. I’m Going To The Stars And Then Past Them.

Conor Mcgregor


A True Friend Is One Who Overlooks Your Failures And Tolerates Your Success!

Doug Larson


There Is Never Just One Thing That Leads To Success For Anyone. I Feel It Always A Combination Of Passion, Dedication, Hard Work, And Being In The Right Place At The Right Time.

Lauren Conrad



Happy People Are Ignoramuses And Glory Is Nothing Else But Success, And To Achieve It One Only Has To Be Cunning.

Mikhail Lermontov


Success Usually Comes To Those Who Are Too Busy To Be Looking For It.

Henry David Thoreau


Earn Your Success Based On Service To Others, Not At The Expense Of Others.

  1. Jackson Brown, Jr.


The Talent Of Success Is Nothing More Than Doing What You Can Do Well, And Doing Well Whatever You Do Without Thought Of Fame. If It Comes At All It Will Come Because It Is Deserved, Not Because It Is Sought After.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


There’s Not An Instruction Manual On How To Deal With Success, So You Just Have To Rely On Having Great Friends And A Good Team.

Bryan Adams


If You Work Just For Money, You’ll Never Make It, But If You Love What You’re Doing And You Always Put The Customer First, Success Will Be Yours.

Ray Kroc



There Is Probably A Perverse Pride In My Administration… That We Were Going To Do The Right Thing, Even If Short-Term It Was Unpopular. And I Think Anybody Who’s Occupied This Office Has To Remember That Success Is Determined By An Intersection In Policy And Politics And That You Can’t Be Neglecting Of Marketing And P.R. And Public Opinion.

Barack Obama


Success Is Peace Of Mind, Which Is A Direct Result Of Self-Satisfaction In Knowing You Made The Effort To Become The Best Of Which You Are Capable.

John Wooden


I Do Not Think There Is Any Thrill That Can Go Through The Human Heart Like That Felt By The Inventor As He Sees Some Creation Of The Brain Unfolding To Success… Such Emotions Make A Man Forget Food, Sleep, Friends, Love, Everything.

Nikola Tesla


No One Succeeds Without Effort… Those Who Succeed Owe Their Success To Perseverance.

Ramana Maharshi


When You See Something That Is Technically Sweet, You Go Ahead And Do It And You Argue About What To Do About It Only After You Have Had Your Technical Success. That Is The Way It Was With The Atomic Bomb.

  1. Robert Oppenheimer


Your Success Depends Mainly Upon What You Think Of Yourself And Whether You Believe In Yourself.

William J. H. Boetcker


A Rejection Is Nothing More Than A Necessary Step In The Pursuit Of Success.

Bo Bennett


I Don’t Know What Keeps Me Going. Sometimes I Wonder… I Think It’s Just Pure Perseverance And Wanting To Succeed And Having That Burning Desire To Always Have Success.

Tanya Tucker


American Inventiveness And The Desire To Build Developed Because We Were Guaranteed The Right To Own Our Success.

Rand Paul


I Used To Define Success As Being Able To Produce Any Result You Wanted, Whether It Was A Relationship, Weight-Loss, Being A Millionaire, Impacting The Culture, Changing Society, Whatever It Might Be – It Might Be Homelessness, Whatever – And Lately, I’ve Redefined Success As ‘Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose.’

Jack Canfield


I Was Sure I’d Set The World On Fire, And It Was Hard For A Young Feller Like Me To Realize The Truth – That I Hadn’t Set The World On Fire, And I Was Totally Unprepared To Handle The Consequences If ‘The Big Trail’ Had Been A Success And Launched Me As A Star.

John Wayne


I’m Either Going To Go Completely Mental, Completely Bankrupt, Or Have The Best Success Of My Life.

Katy Perry


Success Unshared Is Failure.

John Paul Dejoria


Think Of Yourself As On The Threshold Of Unparalleled Success. A Whole, Clear, Glorious Life Lies Before You. Achieve! Achieve!

Andrew Carnegie


To Do A Common Thing Uncommonly Well Brings Success.

Henry J. Heinz


To These Ideals Which Were Instilled In Me When I Was A Youth, I Attribute In A Large Degree The Success That Was Mine On The Bicycle Tracks Of The World.

Major Taylor


Success Is A Great Deodorant.

Elizabeth Taylor


When Humor Can Be Made To Alternate With Melancholy, One Has A Success, But When The Same Things Are Funny And Melancholic At The Same Time, It’s Just Wonderful.

Francois Truffaut


Success Is Almost Totally Dependent Upon Drive And Persistence. The Extra Energy Required To Make Another Effort Or Try Another Approach Is The Secret Of Winning.

Denis Waitley



The Greatest Trap In Our Life Is Not Success, Popularity Or Power, But Self-Rejection.

Henri Nouwen


The Worst Part Of Success Is, To Me, Adapting To It. It’s Scary.

Kendrick Lamar


I’d Rather Be A Failure At Something I Love Than A Success At Something I Hate.

George Burns


The More Defects A Man May Have, The Older He Is, The Less Lovable, The More Resounding His Success.

Marquis De Sade


I Have No Problem With The People Who Work Hard To Get Success. But I Think People Are Very Jealous About Success. I Work Very Hard And They Don’t Appreciate That.

Alain Prost


To Have Success In Your Professional Life Is Not So Hard. To Succeed As A Man Is More Difficult.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand


The Secret Of Success Is Constancy To Purpose.

Benjamin Disraeli


Success Comes To Those Who Have An Entire Mountain Of Gold That They Continually Mine, Not Those Who Find One Nugget And Try To Live On It For Fifty Years.

John C. Maxwell


One Press Account Said I Was An Overnight Success. I Thought That Was The Longest Night I’ve Ever Spent.

Sandra Cisneros


Urgent Optimism Is The Desire To Act Immediately To Tackle An Obstacle, Combined With The Belief That We Have A Reasonable Hope Of Success.

Jane Mcgonigal


The Delusions Of Self-Love Cannot Be Prevented, But Intellectual Misconceptions As To The Means Of Achieving Success May Be Corrected.

George Henry Lewes


Problems Or Successes, They All Are The Results Of Our Own Actions. Karma. The Philosophy Of Action Is That No One Else Is The Giver Of Peace Or Happiness. One’s Own Karma, One’s Own Actions Are Responsible To Come To Bring Either Happiness Or Success Or Whatever.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi



There’s Nothing Like Success.

Dan Gable


No Experience Is A Cause Of Success Or Failure. We Do Not Suffer From The Shock Of Our Experiences, So-Called Trauma – But We Make Out Of Them Just What Suits Our Purposes.

Alfred Adler


Talent Alone Won’t Make You A Success. Neither Will Being In The Right Place At The Right Time, Unless You Are Ready. The Most Important Question Is: ‘Are Your Ready?’

Johnny Carson


Whatever Obstacle Comes Your Way, You Gotta Be Prepared To Jump Over It! And I Think That’s What Separates The Legends From The Regular Artists. It’s All In How You Manage That Success, And How You Deal With The Controversy When It Actually Comes.



Success Is The Sum Of Details.

Harvey S. Firestone


In The First Six To Twelve Months Of A War With The United States And Great Britain I Will Run Wild And Win Victory Upon Victory. But Then, If The War Continues After That, I Have No Expectation Of Success.

Isoroku Yamamoto


It Is Not The Going Out Of Port, But The Coming In, That Determines The Success Of A Voyage.

Henry Ward Beecher


To Measure The Success Of Our Societies, We Should Examine How Well Those With Different Abilities, Including Persons With Autism, Are Integrated As Full And Valued Members.

Ban Ki-Moon



Find A Good Teacher That Will Keep The Game Fun. Work Hard And Don’t Be Afraid To Have Success Or Disappointment. That Is What Golf Is All About.

Paula Creamer


I Never Assumed I Would Have That Commercial Success, So It Was A Total Surprise. And Honestly, I Never Assumed That It Would Ever Happen Again.

Tracy Chapman


Ask Any Successful Person To Look Back Over The Events Of His Or Her Life, And Chances Are There’ll Be A Turning Point Of One Kind Or Another. It Doesn’t Matter If That Success Has Come On A Ball Field Or In A Boardroom, In A Research Laboratory Or On A Campaign Trail – It Can Usually Be Traced To Some Pivotal Moment.

Bill Rancic


People Think Your Success Is Just A Matter Of Having A Pretty Face. But It’s Easy To Be Chewed Up And Spat Out. You’ve Got To Stay Ahead Of The Game To Be Able To Stay In It.

Kate Moss


Just Like Gold, Which Has To Weather Very High Temperatures To Achieve The Sheen And Shine It Finally Gets, So Also Every Person Has To Go Through Struggles In His Life To Achieve Success.

Kailash Kher


While Formal Schooling Is An Important Advantage, It Is Not A Guarantee Of Success Nor Is Its Absence A Fatal Handicap.

Ray Kroc


As I’ve Progressed In My Career, I’ve Come To Appreciate – And Really Value – The Other Attributes That Define A Company’s Success Beyond The P&L: Great Leadership, Long-Term Financial Strength, Ethical Business Practices, Evolving Business Strategies, Sound Governance, Powerful Brands, Values-Based Decision-Making.

Ursula Burns