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Trust In Dreams, For In Them Is Hidden The Gate To Eternity.
-Khalil Gibran

Positive Quotes On Power Of Dreams By Khalil Gibran
Positive Quotes On Power Of Dreams By Khalil Gibran

Dream Small Dreams. If You Make Them Too Big, You Get Overwhelmed And You Don’t Do Anything. If You Make Small Goals And Accomplish Them, It Gives You The Confidence To Go On To Higher Goals.
-John H. Johnson

Positive Quotes On Confidence From Small Dreams To Higher Goals By John H. Johnson
Positive Quotes On Confidence From Small Dreams To Higher Goals By John H. Johnson

I Like To Encourage People To Realize That Any Action Is A Good Action If It’s Proactive And There Is Positive Intent Behind It.
-Michael J. Fox

Quotes About Positive Intent On Action By Michael J. Fox
Quotes About Positive Intent On Action By Michael J. Fox

You Have To Listen To The People Who Have A Negative Opinion As Well As Those Who Have Positive Opinion. Just To Make Sure That You Are Blending All These Opinions In Your Mind Before A Decision Is Made.
-Carlos Ghosn

Positive Quotes On Decision Making From Different Opinions By Carlos Ghosn
Positive Quotes On Decision Making From Different Opinions By Carlos Ghosn

I Always Like To Look On The Optimistic Side Of Life, But I Am Realistic Enough To Know That Life Is A Complex Matter.
-Walt Disney

Quotes Describe Life Is Complex Matter By Walt Disney
Quotes Describe Life Is Complex Matter By Walt Disney

Satisfaction Consists In Freedom From Pain, Which Is The Positive Element Of Life.
-Arthur Schopenhauer

Positive Quotes On Freedom From Pain In Life By Arthur Schopenhauer
Positive Quotes On Freedom From Pain In Life By Arthur Schopenhauer

Every Positive Value Has Its Price In Negative Terms… The Genius Of Einstein Leads To Hiroshima.
-Pablo Picasso

Quotes Explains About Positive And Negative Reactions By Pablo Picasso
Quotes Explains About Positive And Negative Reactions By Pablo Picasso

The Person Who Can Bring The Spirit Of Laughter Into A Room Is Indeed Blessed.
-Bennett Cerf

Positive Quotes About Spirit Of Laughter By Bennett Cerf
Positive Quotes About Spirit Of Laughter By Bennett Cerf

When Someone Does Something Good, Applaud! You Will Make Two People Happy.
-Samuel Goldwyn

Positive Quotes On Doing Good By Samuel Goldwyn
Positive Quotes On Doing Good By Samuel Goldwyn

I Surround Myself With Positive, Productive People Of Good Will And Decency.
-Ted Nugent

Quotes On Surrounding To Positive People By Ted Nugent
Quotes On Surrounding To Positive People By Ted Nugent

You Must Not Under Any Pretense Allow Your Mind To Dwell On Any Thought That Is Not Positive, Constructive, Optimistic, Kind.

Emmet Fox

Look Up, Laugh Loud, Talk Big, Keep The Color In Your Cheek And The Fire In Your Eye, Adorn Your Person, Maintain Your Health, Your Beauty And Your Animal Spirits.

William Hazlitt


I Am Not Embarrassed To Tell You That I Believe In Miracles.

Corazon Aquino


Look At People For An Example, But Then Make Sure To Do Things Your Way. Surround Yourself With Positive People.

Queen Latifah


I’m Looking Forward To Influencing Others In A Positive Way. My Message Is You Can Do Anything If You Just Put Your Mind To It.

Justin Bieber


It Takes But One Positive Thought When Given A Chance To Survive And Thrive To Overpower An Entire Army Of Negative Thoughts.

Robert H. Schuller


Even When Bad Things Happen You Have To Try To Use Those Bad Things In A Positive Manner And Really Just Take The Positive Out Of It.

Natalie Du Toit


A Lot Of Times People Look At The Negative Side Of What They Feel They Can’t Do. I Always Look On The Positive Side Of What I Can Do.

Chuck Norris


A Mediocre Idea That Generates Enthusiasm Will Go Further Than A Great Idea That Inspires No One.

Mary Kay Ash


I’ve Always Believed That You Can Think Positive Just As Well As You Can Think Negative.

James A. Baldwin


I’m Totally Into New Age And Self-Help Books. I Used To Work In A Bookstore And That’s The Section They Gave Me, And I Got Way Into It. I Just Loved The Power Of Positive Thinking, Letting Yourself Go.

Jason Mraz


There Are Powers Inside Of You Which, If You Could Discover And Use, Would Make Of You Everything You Ever Dreamed Or Imagined You Could Become.

Orison Swett Marden


There Is Only One Thing For Us To Do, And That Is To Do Our Level Best Right Where We Are Every Day Of Our Lives; To Use Our Best Judgment, And Then To Trust The Rest To That Power Which Holds The Forces Of The Universe In His Hands.

Orison Swett Marden


It’s A Wonderful Thing To Be Optimistic. It Keeps You Healthy And It Keeps You Resilient.

Daniel Kahneman


It’s Your Outlook On Life That Counts. If You Take Yourself Lightly And Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously, Pretty Soon You Can Find The Humor In Our Everyday Lives. And Sometimes It Can Be A Lifesaver.

Betty White


When I Learn Something New – And It Happens Every Day – I Feel A Little More At Home In This Universe, A Little More Comfortable In The Nest.

Bill Moyers


Positive Thinking Will Let You Use The Ability Which You Have, And That Is Awesome.

Zig Ziglar


As A Tennis Player, You Have To Get Used To Losing Every Week. Unless You Win The Tournament, You Always Go Home As A Loser. But You Have To Take The Positive Out Of A Defeat And Go Back To Work. Improve To Fail Better.

Stanislas Wawrinka


Good Things Are Associated With Blue, Like Clear Days, More Than Singing The Blues. Just The Word ‘Blue’ In The Singular Is Full Of Optimism And Positive Connotation To Most People.

David Carson


Having Haters Is Just A Part Of The Business, And The More Haters You Have, The More People Like You – That’s How I View It, Because I Try To See The Positive In Things.

Nick Jonas


I Just Recently Joined Twitter. It’s Very Positive – I Love All The Accolades. If My Ego Is Hurting, I Can Just Open My Twitter Account And See ‘Oh, I Love You! I Love The Show!’ And It’s Great. I’m Trying To Find The Balance Between Trying To Be Funny, Being Honest And Just Being A Promoter As The Guy On ‘Royal Pains.’

Mark Feuerstein


Black Consciousness Is An Attitude Of The Mind And A Way Of Life, The Most Positive Call To Emanate From The Black World For A Long Time.

Steven Biko


You Can Make Positive Deposits In Your Own Economy Every Day By Reading And Listening To Powerful, Positive, Life-Changing Content And By Associating With Encouraging And Hope-Building People.

Zig Ziglar


The Internet Could Be A Very Positive Step Towards Education, Organisation And Participation In A Meaningful Society.

Noam Chomsky


You Need To Be Able To Manage Stress Because Hard Times Will Come, And A Positive Outlook Is What Gets You Through.

Marie Osmond


I Would Absolutely Recommend Against Excessive Positivity And Optimism. Any Positive Emotion That You’re Infusing Into A Workplace Needs To Be Grounded In Reality. If It’s Not Realistic, Sincere, Meaningful, And Individualized, It Won’t Do Much Good.

Tom Rath


Financial Institutions, The Corporate World And Civil Society – All Must Uphold High Standards Of Probity In Their Working. Only A Genuine Partnership Between The Government And Its People Can Bring About Positive Change To Create A Just Society.

Pratibha Patil


Negative Attitude Is Nine Times More Powerful Than Positive Attitude.

Bikram Choudhury


Commitment, Belief And Positive Attitude Are All Important If You’re Going To Be A Success, Whether You’re In Sports, In Business Or, As In My Case, Anthropology.

Donald Johanson


I Love Meeting People, And I Know It’s So Difficult For People To Come Up To Me And Introduce Themselves, So When They Do, I’ll Grab Them And Hug Them. It Makes Their Day, You Know? I Love That, And I Get Positive Energy From That.

Nicola Formichetti


Whenever There’s An Opportunity To Celebrate The Written Word And Celebrate The Folks That Read The Written Word, And, I Think, To Encourage Other Writers To Write And Encourage Folks To Read More And Get Connected To It In A Personal Way, It’s A Positive Thing.

Hill Harper


If I Write A Book Where All I’ve Ever Experienced Is Success, People Won’t Take A Positive Lesson From It. In Being Candid, I Have To Own Up To My Own Failures, Both In My Marriage And In My Work Environment.

Sonia Sotomayor


Man, I’m 31 Years Old And A Husband With Four Kids; I Hope I’m No Thug. I Hear All Those Negative Things And Don’t Hear Anything Positive. I Think That’s All Those People Feel… That Way That’s All They Hear About When You Hear Allen Iverson Did Something Negative Or Something.

Allen Iverson


People Dwell So Much On The Little Things, But Why Should They Hold You Back When You Have The Big Things To Look Forward To? By Exuding Positive Energy When Dealing With Your Problems, You Will Exude It In Your Being In General. Treat Yourself With Love And You Will Exude Love To Others.

Hayley Hasselhoff


Either Positive Or Negative Comments Are Good Because It Shows I Am Still Relevant.

Justin Guarini


I Tend To Regard The Coase Theorem As A Stepping Stone On The Way To An Analysis Of An Economy With Positive Transaction Costs.

Ronald Coase


In The End, The Whole Internet Thing Kills Me, Because You Can Use It As A Positive Thing Or You Can Read Into All The Negativity. And I Think You’ve Gotta Put Out Positive Energy, Put Out Cool Viral Stuff, And Then Just Stay Out Of People’s Opinions.

Nikki Sixx


The Travel, The Amazing Work I Have Had The Chance To Do, The Meetings With Different People Are All Very Inspiring And Give Me Lots Of Positive Energy.

Saskia De Brauw


I Think The Best Advice Came From Drew Barrymore, About Always Finding Love In Everything You Do And Keeping A Positive Attitude And Being Thankful.

Bella Thorne


I Just Believe In The Goodwill Of People, The Power Of People To Do Something Positive.

Eddie Izzard


I Am A Happy Person And I Choose To Be A Positive Person. I Think Some People Think My Life Has Been Tragic And There Have Been These Horrible Dramas But Things Really Have Been, And Are, Fine.

Patsy Kensit


Resilience Isn’t A Single Skill. It’s A Variety Of Skills And Coping Mechanisms. To Bounce Back From Bumps In The Road As Well As Failures, You Should Focus On Emphasizing The Positive.

Jean Chatzky


Take Your Mind Off The Problems For A Moment, And Focus On The Positive Possibilities. Consider How Very Much You Are Able To Do.

Ralph Marston


I Feel Ups And Downs Are A Part Of One’s Career, And This Totally Depends On How You Take It. You Can Either Be Knocked Down By The Negative Things, Or You Can Take It In A Positive Way And Learn From It.

Deepika Padukone


All Of Us Profit From Being Corrected – If We’re Corrected In A Positive Way.

Sam Walton


Negative Freedom Is Freedom From – Freedom From Oppression, Whether It’s A Colonial Power Or Addiction To Alcohol Oppressing You. You Need To Be Freed From Negative Freedom. Positive Freedom Is Freedom For, Freedom To Be. And That’s What’s Routinely Ignored Today.

Os Guinness


Modern Orthodoxy Has A Highly Positive Attitude Toward The State Of Israel. Our Ultra-Orthodox Brethren Recognize Only The Holy Land, But Not The State.

Norman Lamm


You Have To Train Your Brain To Be Positive Just Like You Work Out Your Body.

Shawn Achor


In Nicey-Nicey Land, You Must Be Happy-Clappy And Positive All The Time – Bad News Is Taboo.

Michael Leunig


People Always Accuse Me Of Being Motivational In A Way, Like It Was A Bad Thing, But That’s Just How I Was Raised. My Mom Raised Me In A Positive Environment, With Lots Of Love In My Heart, And That Reflects In My Music.

Lenny Kravitz


It’s Our Responsibility For The Village To Say, ‘Hey We’re Going To Create These Programs,’ Whether It’s Sports, Creative Arts, Music, We Need Some Things To Give Young People Positive Things To Do, And That’s Including Jobs.



Some People Can Act Hollywood And Others Don’t. I Just Try To Live My Life As A Normal, Everyday Man. At Times, Fame Does Get To You. But You Must Stay Positive And Remember Two Things: It’s Easier To Be Happy, And Without All Those Fans, Life Wouldn’t Be As Good As It Is.



Psychologists, For Reasons Of Clinical Necessity Or Vagaries Of Temperament, Have Chosen To Dissect And Catalog The Morbid Emotions – Depression, Anger, Anxiety – And To Leave Largely Unexamined The More Vital, Positive Ones.

Kay Redfield Jamison


There Are No Plans That Always Work In Life. For Me, The Secret To Happiness Is Being Positive And Looking At The Brighter Side Of My Life.

Karisma Kapoor


Strangely, Nothing Makes Me Feel Tired, Fatigued, At All. I’ve Gone Days And Nights Without Sleep, And Still The Mind Is In Such A Positive Space It Just Doesn’t Make You Feel Fatigued.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


Do You Feel Gloomy? Lift Your Eyes. Stand On Your Feet. Say A Few Words Of Appreciation And Love To The Lord. Be Positive.

Gordon B. Hinckley


I’ve Always Been Able To Transform Happiness And Pain And Sorrow And Tears Into Positive Energy.



I’ve Been On Both Sides: The Victim And The Villain. I Was The Victimised Model, And Everything From My Weight To My Fertility Was Held Up For Discussion. And Then I Was The Person That Could Garner Some Kind Of Positive Outcome, By Taking On The Role Of Vice Chairman Of The British Fashion Council And Becoming An Activist Of Body Image.

Erin O’Connor


I Lived In The Projects And The Ghetto, And Turned The Negative Into A Positive.

Wyclef Jean


When You’re A Houseguest And You Leave, It’s Nice To Straighten Something Up Or Send Your Hosts A Useful Gift. And When You Leave The Planet, It’s Nice To Have Made A Positive Contribution.

Alexander Payne


Everyone Has Things That They Don’t Love About Themselves But I Think That As A Woman Its Much Healthier And More Positive To Focus On Your Good Parts And The Things You Like About Yourself, Not Pick Yourself Apart.

Miranda Kerr


I Feel Blessed To Be Here Representing Our Country And Carrying Out Th Research Of Scientists Around The World… I Hope You Could Feel The Positive Energy That Beamed To The Whole Planet As We Glided Over.

Laurel Clark


My Biggest Problem Will Be Lack Of Match Toughness But I Am A Positive, Optimistic Person.

Greg Rusedski


Faith Words Aren’t Just Mere Positive Affirmations; They Open Your Life Up To The Supernatural Power Of God.

Bo Sanchez


I Do Believe In Sending Positive Messages. I Am A Christian, So I Do Believe In A Lot Of Positive Messages.

Quinton Aaron


I Was Brought Up By A Single Mom In A Poor Town In Arkansas And While Some Aspects Of Small-Town Life Were Really Positive – Like The Fact That Everyone There Is Really Sweet And Hospitable – There Is Also This Close-Minded Mentality, And That Naturally Made Me Want To Rebel.

Beth Ditto


Most Of The People I Know Who Work Out Seriously Do So Because They Have Such An Amazing Outlook On Life. To Be Who I Want To Be, I’m Going To Work Out To Be More Positive, More Active. It’s Proactive.

John Krasinski


Living Life At A Young Age Is Like Being A Sponge Thrust Into The Ocean. You Absorb What’s Around You. If You’re Around People Who Are Supportive And Positive, That’s How You Look At The World.

Freddie Prinze, Jr.


I’ve Been Hearing This Since I First Joined The Reds Organization, That I’m Going To Be The Next This Or That. It’s Tough On A Young Player Coming Up. You Show Some Positive Things And Everybody Jumps On That And Says You Should Be The Next Willie Mays.

Eric Davis


I Am Conscious Of My Inability To Grasp, In All Its Details And Positive Developments, Any Very Large Portion Of Human Knowledge.

Mikhail Bakunin


To Me, Success Is Making A Positive Difference Through Art – Making Art That Affects The World And That Changes The Way People Feel About Themselves And The World.

Kat Graham


I Am A Positive Person And Do Not Allow Things To Get On Top Of Me.

Jamie Redknapp


When You Hear Someone Criticize A Policy On The Other Side, That’s Fine. But When You Start Hearing Motive-Mongering And Demonization, Stand Up To It Just As You Would If It Were Something That Was Racist Or Sexist. If We Avoid The Demonization, Disagreements Can Be Positive.

Jonathan Haidt


For, To Be A Stranger Is Naturally A Very Positive Relation; It Is A Specific Form Of Interaction.

Georg Simmel


Perhaps Trying To Move Away From My Problems And Focus On The Positive Is The Best I Can Do.

Jenni Rivera


One Out Of Every 100 American Men Is HIV Positive. The Rate Of Infection Has Reached Epidemic Proportions In 40 Developing Nations.

Philip Emeagwali


Everything Has Positive And Negative Consequences.

Farrah Fawcett


A Lot Of People Deal With Things That Are Bad. Once You’ve Been Through Something, You Grow From It And You Take A Lot In. You Can Always Turn It Into Something Positive.

Chino Moreno


In The Early 2000s, People Expected That Anonymity On The Internet Would Be Positive For The Development Of Democracy In South Korea. In A Confucian Culture Like South Korea’s, Hierarchy Can Block The Free Exchange Of Opinions In Face-To-Face Situations. The Web Offered A Way Around That.

Kim Young-Ha


There Are Many Positive Things To Say About The Black Community. No Question About It.

William Julius Wilson


I Have Long Recognized A Link Between Fitness And Mental Health And I Think We Need To Encourage Young People To Take Part In Sports And Team Activities Because We Know It Has Such Positive Results.

Tipper Gore


If We Can Produce More Ethanol And Bio-Diesel To Help Fuel Our Vehicles, We Will Create Jobs, Boost Local Economies And Produce Cleaner Burning Fuels. This Will Keep Dollars Here At Home Where They Can Have A Positive Impact On Our Economy.

Rick Renzi


President Obama Has Basically Avoided Or Not Done Any Attempt To Intervene In Any Positive Way In The Housing Market. I Think In The Financial Crisis That’s Been A Shame.

Glenn Hubbard


It Makes Me Very Happy When I Create Goals Or Score Goals Myself, But The Most Important Thing Is That The Team Reaches Its Goal And Plays Positive Football.

Mesut Ozil


Does Not The Very Word ‘Creative’ Mean To Build, To Initiate, To Give Out, To Act – Rather Than To Be Acted Upon, To Be Subjective? Living Photography Is Positive In Its Approach, It Sings A Song Of Life – Not Death.

Berenice Abbott


As A Football Team, You Head Into The Season The Same Way With Confidence And A Positive Mindset That You Are Going To Win A Bunch Of Football Games.

Matthew Stafford


As Far As Vanity And Wrinkles And Things Like That, That’s A Part Of Life I Don’t Worry About. I Put On Creams, You Know, But Don’t Go Mad, And I Don’t Have Any Kind Of Treatments. I Just Live A Healthy Lifestyle. And Staying Happy, Not Getting Negative And Angry, I Think That Helps, Looking At The Positive Of Everything.

Jerry Hall


I Learned About Being Positive From My Parents. They’re The Most Positive People I’ve Ever Known.

Brendon Urie


Hamdi Ulukaya And Chobani Have Made The Decision To Feed 250,000 Victims Of The Somali Famine. Their Compassion Speaks For Itself, And Is A Shining Example Of How The Business Community Can Have An Enormous Positive Impact On The World.

Amanda Lindhout


I Want To Be A Positive Influence. I Want To Be Someone Who They Want To Call In And Want Here Consistently, Regardless Of My Role.

Landon Donovan


Some People Hate Lime-Green; Red Has All This Emotional Baggage. Blue Seems To Be Overall One Of The More Positive Colors, And A Little More Serious Than Yellow.

David Carson


As A Goalie, You Must Stay Positive. And If You Do Make A Mistake, Well, Those Things Happen When You Play My Position.

Henrik Lundqvist


It Will Be About Which Candidate, Which Of The Two Candidates Remaining, Is Best Suited To Make A Positive Difference In The Lives Of North Carolina Families, And I Submit To Each Of You Tonight That I Am That Candidate And Elizabeth Dole Is Not.

Erskine Bowles


Properly Used, Positive Reinforcement Is Extremely Powerful.

B. F. Skinner