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More Than Kisses, Letters Mingle Souls.
-John Donne

Love Quotes On Letters By John Donne
Love Quotes On Letters By John Donne

Love Is The Magician That Pulls Man Out Of His Own Hat.
-Ben Hecht

Quotes On Magic Power Of Love By Ben Hecht
Quotes On Magic Power Of Love By Ben Hecht

Love Can Sometimes Be Magic. But Magic Can Sometimes… Just Be An Illusion.

Quotes Explain Love As Illusion By Javan
Quotes Explain Love As Illusion By Javan

The More One Judges, The Less One Loves.
-Honore De Balzac

Quotes On True Love By Honore De Balzac
Quotes On True Love By Honore De Balzac

Who Would Give A Law To Lovers? Love Is Unto Itself A Higher Law.

Quotes About No Rules For Love By Boethius
Quotes About No Rules For Love By Boethius

If Your Heart Is A Volcano, How Shall You Expect Flowers To Bloom?
-Khalil Gibran

Love Quotes On Hardness Of Heart By Khalil Gibran
Love Quotes On Hardness Of Heart By Khalil Gibran

Love, Having No Geography, Knows No Boundaries.
-Truman Capote

Quotes Explain Love Have No Boundaries By Truman Capote
Quotes Explain Love Have No Boundaries By Truman Capote

Love Is What You’ve Been Through With Somebody.
-James Thurber

Love Quotes On Relationship By James Thurber
Love Quotes On Relationship By James Thurber

Love Is The Triumph Of Imagination Over Intelligence.
-H. L. Mencken

Love Quotes On Power Of Imagination By H. L. Mencken
Love Quotes On Power Of Imagination By H. L. Mencken

I Love That Feeling Of Being In Love, The Effect Of Having Butterflies When You Wake Up In The Morning. That Is Special.
-Jennifer Aniston

Love Quotes Refer The Feeling In Love By Jennifer Aniston
Love Quotes Refer The Feeling In Love By Jennifer Aniston

When You Love A Man, He Becomes More Than A Body. His Physical Limbs Expand, And His Outline Recedes, Vanishes. He Is Rich And Sweet And Right. He Is Part Of The World, The Atmosphere, The Blue Sky And The Blue Water.

Gwendolyn Brooks



The World Is Not Comprehensible, But It Is Embraceable: Through The Embracing Of One Of Its Beings.

Martin Buber



I Am Happier When I Love Than When I Am Loved. I Adore My Husband, My Son, My Grandchildren, My Mother, My Dog, And Frankly, I Don’t Know If They Even Like Me. But Who Cares? Loving Them Is My Joy.

Isabel Allende



Once The Realization Is Accepted That Even Between The Closest Human Beings Infinite Distances Continue, A Wonderful Living Side By Side Can Grow, If They Succeed In Loving The Distance Between Them Which Makes It Possible For Each To See The Other Whole Against The Sky.

Rainer Maria Rilke





Accustom Yourself Continually To Make Many Acts Of Love, For They Enkindle And Melt The Soul.

Saint Teresa Of Avila


Love Is That Condition In Which The Happiness Of Another Person Is Essential To Your Own… Jealousy Is A Disease, Love Is A Healthy Condition. The Immature Mind Often Mistakes One For The Other, Or Assumes That The Greater The Love, The Greater The Jealousy.

Robert A. Heinlein



Love Takes Off Masks That We Fear We Cannot Live Without And Know We Cannot Live Within.

James A. Baldwin





Love Is That Splendid Triggering Of Human Vitality The Supreme Activity Which Nature Affords Anyone For Going Out Of Himself Toward Someone Else.

Jose Ortega Y Gasset


Love Is Always Bestowed As A Gift – Freely, Willingly And Without Expectation. We Don’t Love To Be Loved; We Love To Love.

Leo Buscaglia


Life Without Love Is Like A Tree Without Blossoms Or Fruit.

Khalil Gibran


Love Will Draw An Elephant Through A Key-Hole.

Samuel Richardson



Love Has No Age, No Limit; And No Death.

John Galsworthy


You Will Find As You Look Back Upon Your Life That The Moments When You Have Truly Lived Are The Moments When You Have Done Things In The Spirit Of Love.

Henry Drummond


The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth.

William Shakespeare


A Pair Of Powerful Spectacles Has Sometimes Sufficed To Cure A Person In Love.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Love Is The Poetry Of The Senses.

Honore De Balzac


Choose Your Love, Love Your Choice.

Thomas S. Monson


The Only Abnormality Is The Incapacity To Love.

Anais Nin


Love Is My Religion – I Could Die For It.

John Keats


Selfishness Is One Of The Qualities Apt To Inspire Love.

Nathaniel Hawthorne


Love Can Be Unselfish, In The Sense Of Being Benevolent And Generous, Without Being Selfless.

Mortimer Adler


Gestures, In Love, Are Incomparably More Attractive, Effective And Valuable Than Words.

Francois Rabelais


Love Is The Difficult Realization That Something Other Than Oneself Is Real.

Iris Murdoch



We Can Only Learn To Love By Loving.

Iris Murdoch


Faith Makes All Things Possible… Love Makes All Things Easy.

Dwight L. Moody


Say What You Will, ‘Tis Better To Be Left Than Never To Have Been Loved.

William Congreve



Bitterness Imprisons Life; Love Releases It.

Harry Emerson Fosdick


Being In Love Is The Only Transcendent Experience.

Armistead Maupin


The Inner Reality Of Love Can Be Recognized Only By Love.

Hans Urs Von Balthasar


What The World Really Needs Is More Love And Less Paper Work.

Pearl Bailey



Love Is A Game That Two Can Play And Both Win.

Eva Gabor


Love Is When You Meet Someone Who Tells You Something New About Yourself.

Andre Breton


The Cure For All The Ills And Wrongs, The Cares, The Sorrows, And The Crimes Of Humanity, All Lie In The One Word ‘Love’. It Is The Divine Vitality That Everywhere Produces And Restores Life.

Lydia M. Child


Words May Be False And Full Of Art; Sighs Are The Natural Language Of The Heart.

Thomas Shadwell


Love Is The Attempt To Form A Friendship Inspired By Beauty.

Marcus Tullius Cicero


Love Is Like War: Easy To Begin But Very Hard To Stop.

  1. L. Mencken


We Are All Born For Love. It Is The Principle Of Existence, And Its Only End.

Benjamin Disraeli


I Like Not Only To Be Loved, But Also To Be Told I Am Loved.

George Eliot


The Love Of Liberty Is The Love Of Others; The Love Of Power Is The Love Of Ourselves.

William Hazlitt


The One Thing We Can Never Get Enough Of Is Love. And The One Thing We Never Give Enough Is Love.

Henry Miller



If Equal Affection Cannot Be, Let The More Loving Be Me.

  1. H. Auden


Life Is Like An Onion. You Peel It Off One Layer At A Time, And Sometimes You Weep.

Carl Sandburg


There Is No Sincerer Love Than The Love Of Food.

George Bernard Shaw


If You Don’t Love Me, It Does Not Matter, Anyway I Can Love For Both Of Us.



I Love Spending Time With My Friends And Family. The Simplest Things In Life Give Me The Most Pleasure: Cooking A Good Meal, Enjoying My Friends.

Cindy Morgan


If You Do What You Love, It Is The Best Way To Relax.

Christian Louboutin


Presents Don’t Really Mean Much To Me. I Don’t Want To Sound Mawkish, But – It Was The Realization That I Have A Great Many People In My Life Who Really Love Me, And Who I Really Love.

Gabriel Byrne


I Love Making New Friends And I Respect People For A Lot Of Different Reasons.

Taylor Swift


My Friends, Love Is Better Than Anger. Hope Is Better Than Fear. Optimism Is Better Than Despair. So Let Us Be Loving, Hopeful And Optimistic. And We’ll Change The World.

Jack Layton


I Think That One Of The Things That You Do Learn Is That Falling In Love And Being In Love With Someone Is A Rarity. That You Don’t Fall In Love As Many Times As You Think You’re Going To. And Then When You Do, It’s Really Special; It’s Really Important.

Julianne Moore



Christmas, My Child, Is Love In Action. Every Time We Love, Every Time We Give, It’s Christmas.

Dale Evans


Love Comes When Manipulation Stops; When You Think More About The Other Person Than About His Or Her Reactions To You. When You Dare To Reveal Yourself Fully. When You Dare To Be Vulnerable.

Joyce Brothers


All Married Couples Should Learn The Art Of Battle As They Should Learn The Art Of Making Love. Good Battle Is Objective And Honest – Never Vicious Or Cruel. Good Battle Is Healthy And Constructive, And Brings To A Marriage The Principles Of Equal Partnership.

Ann Landers


New Age Values Are Conscious Evolution, A Non-Sectarian Society, A Non-Military Culture, Global Sharing, Healing The Environment, Sustainable Economies, Self-Determination, Social Justice, Economic Empowerment Of The Poor, Love, Compassion In Action, Going Beyond Religious Fundamentalism, Going Beyond Nationalism-Extreme Nationalism, Culture.

Deepak Chopra


If Having A Soul Means Being Able To Feel Love And Loyalty And Gratitude, Then Animals Are Better Off Than A Lot Of Humans.

James Herriot


Love Means That Everything Is Right With The World. Love And Only Love. Love Means That You Are Content Within Your Own Heart And In The Presence Of The Person That You Love, Who Fills Your Day And Makes You Stronger And Wiser, And Gives You The Confidence To Go Out Into The World. Love Is Just The Most Beautiful, Joyous Feeling.

Pierce Brosnan


Life Is A Game And True Love Is A Trophy.

Rufus Wainwright


Love One Another And Help Others To Rise To The Higher Levels, Simply By Pouring Out Love. Love Is Infectious And The Greatest Healing Energy.

Sai Baba


Anyway, No Drug, Not Even Alcohol, Causes The Fundamental Ills Of Society. If We’re Looking For The Source Of Our Troubles, We Shouldn’t Test People For Drugs, We Should Test Them For Stupidity, Ignorance, Greed And Love Of Power.

  1. J. O’Rourke


Music Is Love, Love Is Music, Music Is Life, And I Love My Life. Thank You And Good Night.

  1. J. Mclean


It Is Not A Lack Of Love, But A Lack Of Friendship That Makes Unhappy Marriages.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Let Us More And More Insist On Raising Funds Of Love, Of Kindness, Of Understanding, Of Peace. Money Will Come If We Seek First The Kingdom Of God – The Rest Will Be Given.

Mother Teresa


Win, Lose Or Draw, You’re All My Cousins And I Love You.

Chill Wills


I Am In You And You In Me, Mutual In Divine Love.

William Blake


Love Is The Most Important Thing In The World, But Baseball Is Pretty Good, Too.

Yogi Berra



Nothing Can Bring A Real Sense Of Security Into The Home Except True Love.

Billy Graham


Man’s Nature Is Not Essentially Evil. Brute Nature Has Been Known To Yield To The Influence Of Love. You Must Never Despair Of Human Nature.

Mahatma Gandhi


When You Lose A Person You Love So Much, Surviving The Loss Is Difficult.

Cristiano Ronaldo



An Enchanted Love, An Awakened Love, Between Two People Is A Blessing On The Entire World.

Marianne Williamson


Love Other Human Beings As You Would Love Yourself.

Ho Chi Minh


Love Bravely, Live Bravely, Be Courageous, There’s Really Nothing To Lose. There’s No Wrong You Can’t Make Right Again, So Be Kinder To Yourself, You Know, Have Fun, Take Chances. There’s No Bounds.



Many Believe – And I Believe – That I Have Been Designated For This Work By God. In Spite Of My Old Age, I Do Not Want To Give It Up; I Work Out Of Love For God And I Put All My Hope In Him.



To All The Other Dreamers Out There, Don’t Ever Stop Or Let The World’s Negativity Disenchant You Or Your Spirit. If You Surround Yourself With Love And The Right People, Anything Is Possible.

Adam Green


Women In Love Are Less Ashamed Than Men. They Have Less To Be Ashamed Of.

Ambrose Bierce


Let No Rank Puff Up Anyone; For Faith And Love Are Paramount – The Greatest Blessings In The World.

Ignatius Of Antioch


It’s Really Important To Me That My Niece And Nephews Can Come And See My Show, As Can My Grandad And Nan. I Love Spending Time With My Family, And Music Has Always Bonded Us.

Jessie J


People Like To Think Of You As A Certain Person, Or A Certain Type Of Person, And They Do Love To Give You A Label. We Like Luggage Labels, And We Like People Labels.

Clare Balding


Love Is Not Altogether A Delirium, Yet It Has Many Points In Common Therewith.

Thomas Carlyle


I Like Historical Pieces. History Was My Favorite Subject In School, It Was The Only Subject I Excelled In. I Love The Idea Of History And The Idea That We May Have The Opportunity To Learn From Our Past Mistakes.

Cary Elwes


It Is A Woman’s Nature To Be Constant – To Love One And One Only, Blindly, Tenderly, And For Ever – Bless Them, Dear Creatures!

Anne Bronte


We Never Get Enough Of Falling In Love And Believing In Love.

Shemar Moore


When I Was In School I Used To Prank My Teachers All The Time. But I Was Really, Really Nice. I Love To Make People Laugh. And Even In Those Pranks, The Teachers Would Laugh Most Of The Time.

Chrisette Michele


I Learned Early On Not To Listen To Either Critique – The People Who Love You Or The People Who Don’t Like You.

Dan Brown


Whoever Loves Becomes Humble. Those Who Love Have, So To Speak, Pawned A Part Of Their Narcissism.

Sigmund Freud


I Love The Name Of Honor, More Than I Fear Death.

Julius Caesar


Love, Peace And Soul.

Don Cornelius


I’m An Introvert… I Love Being By Myself, Love Being Outdoors, Love Taking A Long Walk With My Dogs And Looking At The Trees, Flowers, The Sky.

Audrey Hepburn


When A Man Has Once Loved A Woman He Will Do Anything For Her Except Continue To Love Her.

Oscar Wilde


Love Is All, It Gives All, And It Takes All.

Soren Kierkegaard


My Father Was A Man Of Love. He Always Loved Me To Death. He Worked Hard In The Fields, But My Father Never Hit Me. Never. I Don’t Ever Remember A Really Cross, Unkind Word From My Father.

Johnny Cash


I Love Dessert. All Kinds. But There’s Something About Ice Cream That Makes Me Happy. I Am Drawn To Its Simplicity. I Am Perplexed By The Endless Supply Of Constantly Growing Flavor Options. And I Am Always In The Mood For Sprinkles And A Sugar Cone.

Rachel Nichols


Let Grace And Goodness Be The Principal Loadstone Of Thy Affections. For Love Which Hath Ends, Will Have An End; Whereas That Which Is Founded On True Virtue, Will Always Continue.

John Dryden


We Love Even When Our Love Is Not Requited.

Mortimer Adler


The Thing, When You’re Down Two Sets To Love, Is To Stay Calm, Even Though It’s Hard, Because People Are Freaking Out, People Are Worried For You.

Rafael Nadal