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The Return Of My Birthday, If I Remember It, Fills Me With Thoughts Which It Seems To Be The General Care Of Humanity To Escape.


-Samuel Johnson

Birth Day Quotes On Remembering Thoughts By Samuel Johnson
Birth Day Quotes On Remembering Thoughts By Samuel Johnson

I Have ‘Happy Birthday’ In Multiple Languages On My Ipod – I Like To Play It At Company Birthday Parties.


-Yigal Azrouel

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes By Yigal Azrouel
Funny Happy Birthday Quotes By Yigal Azrouel

Our Birthdays Are Feathers In The Broad Wing Of Time.


-Jean Paul

Birthday Quotes On Our Age by Jean Paul
Birthday Quotes On Our Age by Jean Paul

We’ll Take The Cake With The Red Cherry On Top.


-Navjot Singh Sidhu

Sweet Birthday Quotes On Cake Eating By Navjot Singh Sidhu
Sweet Birthday Quotes On Cake Eating By Navjot Singh Sidhu

Love The Giver More Than The Gift.


-Brigham Young

Best Birthday Quotes On Gift Giver By Brigham Young
Best Birthday Quotes On Gift Giver By Brigham Young

My Life Is Better With Every Year Of Living It.


-Rachel Maddow

Happy Quotes On Birth Day By Rachel Maddow
Happy Quotes On Birth Day By Rachel Maddow

My Happiest Memory Of Childhood Was My First Birthday In Reform School. This Teacher Took An Interest In Me. In Fact, He Gave Me The First Birthday Presents I Ever Got: A Box Of Cracker Jacks And A Can Of ABC Shoe Polish.


-Flip Wilson

Quotes On Memories Of First Birthday By Flip Wilson
Quotes On Memories Of First Birthday By Flip Wilson

I Like Birthday Cake. It’s So Symbolic. It’s A Tempting Symbol To Load With Something More Complicated Than Just ‘Happy Birthday!’ Because It’s This Emblem Of Childhood And A Happy Day.


-Aimee Bender

Quotes On Birth Day Cakes By Aimee Bender
Quotes On Birth Day Cakes By Aimee Bender

For My Birthday I Got A Humidifier And A De-Humidifier… I Put Them In The Same Room And Let Them Fight It Out.


-Steven Wright

Birth Day Quotes On Good And Bad Things In Life By Steven Wright
Birth Day Quotes On Good And Bad Things In Life By Steven Wright

Let Them Eat Cake.


-Marie Antoinette

Funny Birthday Quotes On Cake By Marie Antoinette
Funny Birthday Quotes On Cake By Marie Antoinette

Youth Has No Age.
Pablo Picasso

The Only Thing Better Than Singing Is More Singing.
Ella Fitzgerald

At My Age Flowers Scare Me.
George Burns

When Someone Asks If You’d Like Cake Or Pie, Why Not Say You Want Cake And Pie?
Lisa Loeb

I Have An Extensive Library – Every Birthday When I Was A Kid My Parents Would Ask What Movie Or Book I Wanted, So I Have Built Up A Big Collection Over The Years.
Mark Bridges

The Worst Part About Celebrating Another Birthday Is The Shock That You’re Only As Well As You Are.
Anne Lamott

To Me – Old Age Is Always Ten Years Older Than I Am.
Bernard Baruch
I Had A Birthday One Night On A Farm We Were Shooting On. I Walked Into The Tent, And There Were 150 People Waiting For Me, All Wearing Masks Of My Face.
Stephen Hopkins

I Do Like To Shock And Surprise People. When It’s All In Good Fun, Of Course.
Ruth Warrick

I Intend To Live Forever. So Far, So Good.
Steven Wright

You Know You’re Getting Old When You Get That One Candle On The Cake. It’s Like, ‘See If You Can Blow This Out.’
Jerry Seinfeld

I Quit High School On My Birthday. It Was My Senior Year And I Didn’t See The Point. This Was 1962, And I Was Ready To Make Music.
Barry White

A Gift Consists Not In What Is Done Or Given, But In The Intention Of The Giver Or Doer.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

My Policy On Cake Is Pro Having It And Pro Eating It.
Boris Johnson

If You Look Over The Years, The Styles Have Changed – The Clothes, The Hair, The Production, The Approach To The Songs. The Icing To The Cake Has Changed Flavors. But If You Really Look At The Cake Itself, It’s Really The Same.
John Oates

There Are Three Hundred And Sixty-Four Days When You Might Get Un-Birthday Presents, And Only One For Birthday Presents, You Know.
Lewis Carroll

It’s Odd The Things That People Remember. Parents Will Arrange A Birthday Party, Certain It Will Stick In Your Mind Forever. You’ll Have A Nice Time, Then Two Years Later You’ll Be Like, ‘There Was A Pony There? Really? And A Clown With One Leg?’
David Sedaris

The Main Prank That We Play With Props Is For People’s Birthdays. The Special Effects People Will Put A Little Explosive In The Cake So It Blows Up In Their Face – That’s Always Fun To Play On A Guest Star, Or One Of The Trainees Or Someone Who’s New.
Catherine Bell

A Gift, With A Kind Countenance, Is A Double Present.
Thomas Fuller

My Mom Fedexes A Red Velvet Cake She Makes From Scratch To Me Every Birthday.
Molly Sims

My Mother Asked Me What I Wanted For My Birthday, So I Said I Wanted To Read Poetry With Her.
Guy Johnson

If Every Year Is A Marble, How Many Marbles Do You Have Left? How Many Sunrises, How Many Opportunities To Rise To The Full Stature Of Your Being?
Joy Page
When I Was Little I Thought, Isn’t It Nice That Everybody Celebrates On My Birthday? Because It’s July 4th.
Gloria Stuart

We All Have Special Numbers In Our Lives, And 4 Is That For Me. It’s The Day I Was Born. My Mother’s Birthday, And A Lot Of My Friends’ Birthdays, Are On The Fourth; April 4 Is My Wedding Date.
Beyonce Knowles

On Every Birthday, I Ask My Wife, ‘What Would You Like This Year?’ And Her Instant Reply Is, ‘Diamonds! Diamonds! Diamonds!’ I’m Always Living In Hope That One Day She’ll Say She Just Wants Me!
Akshay Kumar

I Kept A Diary Right After I Was Born. Day 1: Tired From The Move. Day 2: Everyone Thinks I’m An Idiot.
Steven Wright

I Love The Big Fresh Starts, The Clean Slates Like Birthdays And New Years, But I Also Really Like The Idea That We Can Get Up Every Morning And Start Over.
Kristin Armstrong

For Me, The End Of Childhood Came When The Number Of Candles On My Birthday Cake No Longer Reflected My Age, Around 19 Or 20. From Then On, Each Candle Came To Represent An Entire Decade.
Yotam Ottolenghi

I Wanted To Buy A Candle Holder, But The Store Didn’t Have One. So I Got A Cake.
Mitch Hedberg

If I Could Be Doing Anything, I’d Be Laying On The Floor In My Birthday Suit Eating Junk Food And Watching Something Dumb On TV.
Anita Baker

To Give Somebody Your Time Is The Biggest Gift You Can Give.
Franka Potente

If You Can Give Your Child Only One Gift, Let It Be Enthusiasm.
Bruce Barton

I Like To Give People Novels I Think They Would Like, On No Particular Occasion – Just When We’re In A Bookstore Together. I Like To Receive Reference Books On My Birthday.
Daniel Handler

We Have To Be Able To Grow Up. Our Wrinkles Are Our Medals Of The Passage Of Life. They Are What We Have Been Through And Who We Want To Be.
Lauren Hutton

Every Year On My Birthday, I Start A New Playlist Titled After My Current Age So I Can Keep Track Of My Favorite Songs Of The Year As A Sort Of Musical Diary Because I Am A Teenage Girl.
Chris Hardwick

I Am A Big Popcorn Fanatic. I Love Popcorn. In Fact One Year For My Birthday, My Husband Bought Me One Of Those Big Popcorn Machines Like They Have In Movie Theaters.
Debbie Macomber

I Don’t Pay Attention To The Number Of Birthdays. It’s Weird When I Say I’m 53. It Just Is Crazy That I’m 53. I Think I’m Very Immature. I Feel Like A Kid. That’s Why My Back Goes Out All The Time, Because I Completely Forget I Can’t Do Certain Things Anymore – Like Doing The Plank For 10 Minutes.
Ellen Degeneres

A Friend Never Defends A Husband Who Gets His Wife An Electric Skillet For Her Birthday.
Erma Bombeck

To My Surprise, My 70s Are Nicer Than My 60s And My 60s Than My 50s, And I Wouldn’t Wish My Teens And 20s On My Enemies.
Lionel Blue

The Reason I Met My Husband Was Because I Remembered A Friend’s Birthday. The Moral Of The Story Is: Remember People’s Birthdays.
Julianna Margulies

In 1993 My Birthday Present Was A Star On Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame.
Annette Funicello

Only Then, Approaching My Fortieth Birthday, I Made Philosophy My Life’s Work.
Karl Jaspers

I Want A Chainsaw Very Badly, Because I Think Cutting Down A Tree Would Be Unbelievably Satisfying. I Have Asked For A Chainsaw For My Birthday, But I Think I’ll Probably Be Given Jewelry Instead.
Susan Orlean

I Had Been Offered A Hollywood Contract Before My 18th Birthday. It Gave Me The Spark I Needed.
Gene Tierney

Every Five Years, I Like To Do A Big Birthday Party. I Had My 45th Birthday With 75 Friends In Marrakesh, Morocco.
Chip Conley

With A Recent Birthday, I’ve Been Acting Now For Twenty Years.
Thayer David

Robert Duvall Saw Me Playing At A Restaurant In Louisiana And Invited Me To Be An Extra In His Movie ‘The Apostle.’ He Gave Me A Guitar For My Sixth Birthday, And I Thought That Was The Coolest Thing In The World.
Hunter Hayes

I Grew Up Doing All That Stuff Because I Was Obsessed With The ’50s. I Had Sock Hops For Birthday Parties. So I’ve Always Done The Twist And Stuff. It Was Pretty Natural And, With My Parents Doing It All The Time, I’d Just Copy Them. Not Very Pretty.
Brittany Snow

I Worked At An Ice Cream Parlor Called Chadwicks. We Wore Old-Timey Outfits And Had To Bang A Drum, Play A Kazoo, And Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ To People While Giving Them Free Birthday Sundaes. Lots Of Ice Cream Scooping And $1 Tips.
Amy Poehler

Birthday Alarm Was A Very Simple Site Based On Being Reminded Of Your Friends’ Birthdays.
Michael Birch

One Of The Shocks Of A 50th Birthday Is Realizing The Fundamental Fact That Your Youth Is Irrevocably Over.
Marianne Williamson

If There’s One Thing I Really Want For My Birthday, That Is For The Mining Company Not To Mine My Daddy’s Reserve.
Bindi Irwin

My Parents Were Dishonest People. If It Was My Birthday, I Knew My Mother Took Me To The K-Mart And She Stole My Toy. She’d Put It In The Shopping Cart And We’d Walk Out. I Was Raised With That.
Vincent Gallo

If You’ve Been Running A Business For 38 Years, You’re Approaching Your 66th Birthday, You’ve Never Owed A Man A Penny Or Done Anyone Any Grievance In Your Life, And You Feel Hard Done-By And Try To Protect Yourself And Your Family, But Go To Prison, Well If That’s The Society We’re Living In, I’m Happy To Accept That.
Sean Quinn

And I Was Very Shy As A Kid; If You Sang Me ‘Happy Birthday,’ I Would Cry. Quite Shy. So The Idea Of Being An Actor, Much Less A Model, Was Just Out Of This World.
Cody Horn

All My Favorite Stars, My Family And My Friends Are Here. I’m Having The Happiest Birthday That An 18-Year-Old Girl Could Ever Have.
Brandy Norwood

When Oscar Niemeyer Died On December 5, 2012, Ten Days Before His 105th Birthday, He Was Universally Regarded As The Very Last Of The Twentieth Century’s Major Architectural Masters, An Astonishing Survivor Whose Most Famous Accomplishment, Brasilia, Was The Climactic Episode Of Utopian High Modern Urbanism.
Martin Filler

Why, On My Mother’s Birthday, Am I Thinking About ‘Father Knows Best?’ At Our House, Mother Knew Best At Least As Often As Father Did, But Then The Title Of The Old Sitcom, A Homogenized Portrait Of American Family Life, Was Meant To Be Slightly Sardonic.
Tom Shales

Ask Any Teenage Girl To Describe Her Perfect Bedroom, And You’ll Get Answers Like ‘A Room With A Private Phone Line, A Place To Hang Out With Friends, And For It To Be Way-Cool And Funky.’ Ask Parents The Same Question, And ‘A Locked Door That Opens On Their 21st Birthday’ Might Top The List!
Candice Olson

All I Watch Is The Food Network. I Took A Cheesemaking Class A Few Weeks Ago, And I Told My Family And Friends To Only Get Me Kitchen Stuff On My Birthday. I’m Into Every Kind Of Cookbook And Anything By Anthony Bourdain. I’d Love To Own A Restaurant If I Could Find The Right Chef.
Jesse Mccartney

I Was Honoured When They Asked Me To Appear At The President’s Birthday Rally In Madison Square Garden. There Was Like A Hush Over The Whole Place When I Came On To Sing ‘Happy Birthday,’ Like If I Had Been Wearing A Slip, I Would Have Thought It Was Showing Or Something. I Thought, ‘Oh, My Gosh, What If No Sound Comes Out!’
Marilyn Monroe

For My 11th Birthday, I Asked To Be Adopted.
Kaui Hart Hemmings

I Have A Strong Memory Of The Day I Was Told That My Father Had A Weak Heart And That He Had To Go To The Hospital. He Died When I Was Nine Years Old On The Same Day That Franklin Roosevelt Died; It Was His 45th Birthday.
Alan J. Heeger

I’m A Virgo And I’m More – I Don’t Want To Say ‘Negative’ – But I’m The Girl Who Thinks No One’s Coming To My Birthday Party, No One’s Buying My Clothes, No One’s Reading My Book, No One’s Watching My Show – That’s Just How I Think.
Rachel Zoe

My Father Was One Of The Fortunate Wartime Servicemen: He Made A Full Recovery From His Injuries, Was Promoted To Captain, Survived The War, Had A Satisfying Career As A Colonial Officer And, Eventually, Died In February 2002, A Month Before His 85th Birthday.
Michael Ashcroft

I’ve Died So Many Times. I’m 65. On My 40th Birthday, My Girlfriend Gave Me A Reel With Ways I Had Died, Whether It Was By Knife, Or Electrocution Or Drowning Or Being Thrown Off A Building Or Whatever It Might Have Been. I’ve Died A Lot Of Times!
Jonathan Banks

I’m Not A Big Birthday Guy; I Never Have Been.
Lewis Black

Interventions Are Really Emotionally Exhausting And I Would Never Ever Want To Have One. In The Same Way, I Would Never Want To Have A Surprise Birthday Party. That Would Be Horrible.
Margaret Cho

You Know, We’d Just Had A Birthday, He Was… You Know, He Still Had A Future Out Of Him, And All I Can Is He Was Just One Of The Most Beautiful People In The World… A Very Gifted Man, And It’s A Loss To The World, Not Just For Us.

I Always Wanted To Shave. It Is A Very Natural Process. For My Birthday I Got A Lot Of Shaving Stuff.
Chaz Bono

By The Time Of My Ninth Birthday, I Had Become A Bit Of A Socialist, As I Am Said By Conservative Colleagues To Be To This Day. I Went On Within The Next Few Years To Volunteer As An Envelope Stuffer For The American Labor Party, And My Political Thinking Has Not Shifted Measurably Since That Time.
Sherwin B. Nuland

My Birthday Is A Day When All I Want Is To Bask In The Love Of My Family And Rarely Accept Offers For Concerts And Shows If They Are To Be Held On This Day.
Kailash Kher

With My Daughter, We Do Arts And Crafts, We Read A Lot, We Listen To Music, And We Cut The Strings Off Balloons And Bounce Them Around After Birthday Parties.
Lisa Loeb

I Love Photography. My Boyfriend’s Got A Great Camera, Which I Bought For His Birthday.
Sarah Sutton

As Far As Those Kinds Of Things, I Also Played At The Concert To Call For The Release Of Nelson Mandela When He Was A Political Prisoner In South Africa. We Were Celebrating His 70th Birthday And Calling For His Release.
Jackson Browne

I Told My Father I Wanted To Play The Banjo, And So He Saved The Money And Got Ready To Give Me A Banjo For My Next Birthday, And Between That Time And My Birthday, I Lost Interest In The Banjo And Was Playing Guitar.
Jackson Browne

One Thing That Was Really Dope For Me Was That My Dad Had A ’78 Corvette, ’78 Or ’76 Corvette All My Life. It Always Needed To Be Fixed Up. I Remember It’s Just Been Sitting In The Driveway For Years, And I Got It Fixed From Top To Bottom For His Birthday.
Sevyn Streeter

I’ve Raced On All Seven Continents At Least Twice. I’ve Probably Run Thousands Of Races. But The Single Race That I’m Most Proud Is A 10K. Yes, A 10K. I Ran It With My Daughter On Her 10th Birthday.
Dean Karnazes

I Was Quite A Shy Child. I Would Get Terribly Nervous And Throw Up Before My Birthday Party. And Then I Would Be Fine. I Feel The Same Now. I Get Nervous, Then It’s Fine.
Matthew Macfadyen

I’ve Been A Nick Cave Fan Since The Early ’80s When He Was Part Of The Birthday Party Thing Singing Australian Self-Destructive Rock Band And I’ve Always Followed His Work And Loved It.
Aleksandar Hemon

I Can Put My Legs Behind My Head And Sing ‘Happy Birthday.’ Because That’s Something That Me And My Friends Used To Do When We Were In Gymnastics Class As Kids, And I Can Still Do It. I Was Doing It Since I Was 8 And 9. They Used To Call Me Gumby. Very Bendy.
Emmy Rossum

I Thought It Would Be Cool To Skype With Fans On Their Birthday And Spend, Like, A Half-Hour With Them. I Did A Couple Of Two-Hour Skypes. I Just Hang Out With Them And Play Songs And Stuff. At First They’re Kind Of Shy, But After A While They Open Up. I’ve Had A Lot Of People Tell Me I’m Doing Something No One Has Ever Done Before.
Austin Mahone

My Son Had His Eighth Birthday Recently And We Had A Chance To Borrow The Film And Show It To All Of His Friends That Was At His Birthday Party And They Loved It. I Was A Little Nervous. I Said They Might Not Even Like It, And Say His Daddy’s Movie Is Wack, But They Loved It.
Blair Underwood

And For The City’s Birthday, We Will Host Events In Every Neighborhood Of The City, Inviting All Of Our Residents To Share In The Celebration Of Boston’s Great Epic – The Story Of Neighbors Who Support One Another Where It Matters Most.
Thomas Menino

Well, I Started Conducting Kind Of By Accident. I Wanted To Give Myself A Special Birthday Present For My Fortieth Birthday, And I Was Living In San Francisco At The Time And I Started Attending Some Of The Concerts And Then Simply Dropping Hints.
Bobby Mcferrin

I Know That Might Sound Silly Coming From Someone My Age, But I Remember On My 14th Birthday Having A Crisis Like My Mom Should Be Having. I Kept Thinking That I Was Getting Older, And I Haven’t Really Accomplished Anything. I Remember Thinking That I Better Accomplish Something Real Soon.
Q’orianka Kilcher

On A Royal Birthday Every House Must Fly A Flag, Or The Owner Would Be Dragged To A Police Station And Be Fined Twenty-Five Rubles.
Mary Antin

I’m An Avid Shoe Fan. I Got My First Pair Of Louboutins As A Birthday Gift From Jami Gertz.
Toks Olagundoye

On My 14th Birthday, My Grandfather And My Grandmother Gave Me The Best Birthday Present Ever: A Drafting Table That I Have Worked On Ever Since.
Jarrett J. Krosoczka

I’ll Never Forget My 24th Birthday When My Tooth Got Punched Out. And For A Second I Was Like, It Would Be Really Hilarious If I Sold It On Ebay. But I Can’t, That’s Just Too Creepy. I Don’t Think I Can Go There.
Evan Rachel Wood

Nicole Will Come Up In Conversations Where It’s In A Part Of The Conversation. Or We May Be Somewhere And I Would Tell Some Story About Their Mother And I. You Know, We Always Honor Her Birthday.
O. J. Simpson

Seven Years Into Writing A Novel, I Started To Lose My Mind. My Thirty-Seventh Birthday Had Just Come And Gone, The End Of 2008 Was Approaching, And I Was Constantly Aware Of How Little I Had Managed To Accomplish.
Akhil Sharma

I Wasn’t Very Good About Juggling Family And My Career. I Was Interested In Who Was Coming To The Children’s Birthday Party, What My Son Was Writing. I Was Thinking About Legos.
Jill Clayburgh

Jewellery’s Not A Big Thing For Me. The Only Thing I Wear Is A Gold Cross On A Chain That I Got For My 21st Birthday. You Have To Take It Off Every Day For Filming, But That’s The Only Time I’m Not Wearing It. You Won’t Find Me In Rings, Bracelets Or Earrings.
Jonas Armstrong